If you smoked weed (one hit) the other morning - and since that not for ayear. how long will this be within my system

I may have a drug test coming up - 1 little hit - how long nation?
I would try to put a drug test sour for a week. Pot is strong but you do not want to take chances beside a job.

best wishes.
30 days my friend! 30 days.
There are a few factors that may affect the answer to this.

Potency of the cannabis, high body round and large fat cell can affect the length of time that it will be in your system.

Also, what open-handed of testing is done can affect the outcome of the test as mane follicle tests are often more sensitive.

If you one and only took a single hit I wouldn't worry too much as it'll probably be negative. If you inhaled it, took more than one hit and held it for a honest length of time it could be anywhere from two weeks to a month or longer even.

Contrary to what many suggest, there have been no evidence to suggest that you can take any supplement, goldenseal or tonic to flush the THC from your system. Usually, adjectives they'll do is cause a discrepancy in the check which often will alert the testers to do a hair taste to confirm. And that is something you won't be able to dupe.
maybe a few days. depending how much you drink and excersize. :)
72 hrs surrounded by the blood...up to six months the hair shafts. Source(s): Carolyn G.
It usually stays in your system for in the region of a month. Don't partake when you know you're job hunting!

Btw: Some places won't ever let you apply beside them again if you come up dirty! Source(s): I work in a shelter where we distribute people for drug tests and I used to work within the pre-employment screening department at a hospital where we collected the results of drug screens and have to explain to people why this stuff was coming up on their examination.
30 days is correct, even if you merely hit it once. =]
Your within the clear!
It will not show up.
heres some advise dnt do drugs
I work with these things frequently
it will stay in your system up to thirty days... its stored in your hefty cells though so if your very skinny it will move faster... so it depends on your weight. and if you only took one hit afterwards u could pass a drug test the subsequent day by cleansing your system with consistent drinks

if u cant afford ready clean from your local go before shop or tobaco joint. go to the grocery store and procure fruit pectin
its concentrated jelly mix , pour two packets into a huge glass of hose down and drink it the night before your drop
trust me you will surpass
unless they take a hair folicle or spinal thump u be fine and those are expensive pLUS ITS JUST WEED
30 days and drinking water does not help! If ou want to pee clean I suggest you go to a robustness food store and get soemthing to help!!
a couple of days at the most but run and drink lots of marine juswt in case
u can either jack someones urine or drink alot of pickle liquid
Try this: You should drink LOTS of cranberry juice, and if you really want to bring back it out of your system, then try taking a LITTLE bit of bleach, mix it with wet and drink it. NOT A LOT, a little bit. This worked for my cousin. If you don't want to do either of those things, try drinking plenty of hose, and exercising so that you can sweat a lot to get it out of your system.
you are screwed buddy. it's 30 days. Sorry : (
give or take a few a week. you should be fine. drink tons of water just contained by case.
30 days!!
one hit shouldn't stay in your system long if you are being honest roughly speaking it just being one little one contained by over a year...it depends on your body weight how long it will stay, the bigger you are the longer it's trapped in fatty cell...

Just to be safe I would drink a bunch of water and appropriate a couple niacin tablets...it will make sure your system is good and verbs...cranberry juice too helps.

but really 1 hit you should be fine,
The Marijuana Drug Test detection time-urinalysis
Light smoker or acute dosage 1-3 days
Moderate use (4x / week) 3-5 days
Heavy smoker (daily) 10 days
Heavy, chronic use (5+ joints/day) 10-21+ days
Oral ingestion 1-5 days Source(s): http://www.drugtestingworld.com/drug-tes…
oh that sm. of an amt. takes 24 hours
only stays in your systems for 30 days Source(s): i enjoy had my experiences and health class
Ep! I had this problem previously getting tested at my last job. I never ever smoke but in the future I took one little puff. 1 week later I passed my test, no prob.
you should go past, drink lots of water. don't think one lil hit will stay surrounded by your system at all once the effect wears sour. take niacin pills.
i have reported you to the DEA

well it can appropriate 30 days to get out of your system regardless of how much it is. i have hear of people who have messed up on account of ambient smoke. (meaning they didn't smoke it they were freshly in the room) usually a drug test is miss or fail there is no "capably its just a little bit"
i think 2 hours
drink alotta hose buddy
30 days. beside constant water and peeing 27.6 Source(s): Research Center of Medical "maryjane"
Well dependin on ya point and weight it could take between a few days to 30 days. THC is oil soluble so the fatter you are the longer it stays in your system being that it stores itself contained by fat cells. But one that u aint smoked in over a year and u only smoked a lil bit u should b worthy after bout a week. Just drink alot of cranberry juice and water freshly to be safe and make sure when you give somebody a lift your piss test your piss is crystal clear. Ive went from smokin everyday adjectives day to quit for 2 weeks n passed a piss test. thats what i did drank a **** nouns od cranberry juice and water up until the daytime I took it and made sure my piss was crystal clear and i passed. Or if you are that worried go to a headshop and ask for a detox and it will enjoy the instructions on how to use it.
in recent times eat a lot lot lot of bread and hose.
a month or two
I love these questions because of the myths out there.

First bad, in order to fall through a drug test you 22 nanograms of THC in your system. One hit (the best weed surrounded by the world only contains 4% THC) wont do much and if you are the least bit moving you should be fine.

Secondly, it can be found in your urine for up to 30 days max for HABITUAL users. Once in a blue moon isn't a hopeless user.

Just do some light exercise and drink plenty of fluids to help flush out any remnants surrounded by your system.

Good luck and for future reference, if you're looking for a work just say no. If you involve your job, be smart. Once you have a chore, its your personal decision. Source(s): I used to work for Quest Diagnostics (THE drug testing center for most employers) And I enjoy been known to partake semi...thats a recline. Im really a life-long pothead. Safest "drug" on the market and that includes pedialyte.

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