Sleepwalking, wet the bed, and my boyfriend!!?

My boyfriend sometimes wets the bed when he's had a few too frequent drinks...which as horrible as it is, is manageable on its own because it doesn't happen recurrently. (i'm not necessarily talking a huge amount of alcohol either). However, it doesn't exactly heighten my attraction for him as you can imagine! When I get up him up while he's doing this, he doesnt wake up properly and is sort of sleepwalking. He doesn't talk sense, and is drastically unpredictable and it quite frightens me. I'm near to finishing next to him because it scares me, but I would like to know if there's anything that can be done? also, have anyone else had this problem with their bloke?!!
Talk to him about it! Communication is the key to adjectives relationships...
Men are really bad at going to the doctors so offer to step with him for support.
No communication = no relationship!
I really think he should see a doctor. Have you talked to him roughly speaking this? I imagine it's probably quite a difficult subject to broach but he must find it completely embarrassing and I'm sure he wants to find things sorted but maybe doesn't know who to turn to for help. Maybe if you said how although you exactness for him it is making things difficult for you, he might try and get some help for this - and I imagine the first step would be his GP.
No not really, although my partner get really drunk the other week and tried to wee in the washing picnic basket - he stopped abruptly in his tracks when i wallop him with the pillow, I then guided him to the toilet and vanished him propped on the toilet!!


HAHAHAAH Deb W - love the plastic pants idea!!
Sleepwalking is rightly common; my husband does it occassionally, especially when he is worried about something. I don't awaken him, instead gross sure that he doesn't hurt himself. The bed wetting is something that you must speak to him about frankly. It may not be great for his ego, but he can wear plastic pant - or just not drink at all. That would be his choice, if he still considered necessary to sleep with you.

Another consideration is that since you are not married to the bloke, perhaps it would solve closely of problems if you two just didn't sleep together at night.

If you are organized to leave him on account of these two issues (which are not really the worst that one can be in motion through in a relationship - by far), then possibly your feelings for him don't really run that deep, and you can consider breaking up. Those are as well brought-up an excuse as any.
he wishes to stop drinking alcohol , and if that do do it he needs to see a dr
Hi, my boyf has done this on a couple of occasions, luckily the bed wet thing has stopped, I devise it's due to the fact that he drinks occasionly now, whereas he never used to, so a couple would take home him, ahem, wet the bed.
My boyf is an"active sleeper", I enjoy found him wandering our bedroom trying to let the dog out of the bedroom window, beforehand we even had a dog. He talks a hell of like mad in his sleep, and, lol, I often ask him question and get the most bizarre answers. I think the strangest item he does though, is he'll sit bolt upright, and stick an arm out, whilst fast asleep, I've get used to waking up and gently pushing him spinal column into a laying position and putting his arm down. Oh, and he regularly wakes up bare asleep on the settee, then moans at me for not noticing.
I don't cogitate you need to worry too much, it be scary when I first noticed adjectives of these episodes, but I've kind of gotten used to it all in a minute, the other night he woke me up clapping and singing smashing at the top of his lungs, we are still laughing at that one.

By the way, it is "the norm" for some society, as his doctor explained.Nor is he a big drinker.
I'm sorry< when I saw the question, I immediately thought of the 12 years of invective and hell I went through with my ex husband. my first response be impulse and warning. When you said he be unpredictable and frightening....I remembered very well how that feel. No, he didn't wet the bed often and he didn't capture scary often at first. As time go on, it went from once a year to twice. Then after about 8 years, it be happening every 2-3 months. By the time I left him, it happen at least weekly. Once again, sorry I blew it out of proportion, just be sure you are not downplaying his drinking.
You're boyfriend is not alone sweetie, a lot of individuals have wet the bed after have a drink although it usually takes more than just a few! Maybe he have a sensitivity to alcohol? It's not advisable for him to keep drinking if this is always going to crop up so maybe his doctor can help him out?
He sounds as if he is a totally sound sleeper and I've heard that wake people up from such a deep sleep will wreak them to be unpredictable and sometimes violent. Sleepwalkers are not supposed to be woken mid trance either as it could seriously affect them. It sounds as if, whatever thing way you look at it, your boyfriend needs to see his doctor. Even if you finish near him he can't spend the rest of his life living like this because every other girl will read out the same as you and it would be such a shame if he were to be alone as a result. Why not try Googling some of his symptoms and seeing what you bring as a result before going to him and explaining things? Then he can go to the doctor armed near a bit of info? Take care and good luck, xx.
See a doctor.
oh my god. that is to say a lot for you to take. Its not his condemn, but its doesnt sound like he is concerned or trying to sort it out. I hold sleep walked 3 or 4 times in my go (at least that i've been told) and i know it made me get the impression terrified and emabarraced. If it had percisted i would hold sought help, so i guess he's asking for a pair of roller skates
Been in attendance, this does not make for a good adjectives together.
And the only thing that will fashion this stop is for him to give up drinking. And that my dear is usually impossible for men to do.
I mean they will promise, report to you, if I had someone to come home to like you, I would not involve to drink, but usually they just keep on doing it. If you are worried, it is your inner self, saying warning, limiting, bad situation, get out immediately.
I divorced over this when my youngest was four months old, enjoy never regretted the divorce. Listen to your inner self.

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