If someone swallowed any amount of bleach, would it hurt you?

My friend wants to know, I do too. My friend has be smoking weed on probation. She's trying to get it out of her system (any ideas?)
bleach will kill u burn ur insides. Worked contained by home for retarded where dude drank bleach nearly killed him do not drink bleach. I hear drinking like gallons of water might aid
Because marijuana is oil based, it take approximately 30 days to get it out of your system. The only hope your friend have is to blame her positive opiate test on eating poppy core muffins every day! Consuming bleach is NOT good. For accurate information and direction call poison control:
Bleach will kill you, but if you dont believe me go drink some and play contained by traffic!
What a stupid question,it can be lethal within any dose.
Theres an easier way to solve it,dont do drugs while your on probation,or dont be on probation in the first place.
bleach will burn your stomach and esophagus, it can eliminate you. Don't do that. I'm with the first guy- stop smoking weed on probation. Thats the only item that's going to work.
DO NOT DRINK BLEACH!! If it doesn't kill you it will make happen internal injuries that you will suffer with your entire life. Stop doing weed if you don't want to theory test positive!
No don't drink bleach it will massacre you, what your friend probably wants to do, and I have hear about this I dunno if it works, is stick their finger in bleach permit it dry, then when you piss in the cup stir it beside your finger, the myth is that the dried bleach on your finger with stir into the urine cleaning it of any drugs, I dunno if this is true but some people hold told me it works, if you really want to get clean efficient go to GNC and ask them for a set of pills that clean out your body of impurity thats the best bet.
Bleach can hurt or kill you. So if you drank that go to the hospital.
Household bleach isn't likely to do much mar other than a little sore throat, bellyache, and probably some vomiting and/or diarrhea. More concentrated bleaches can do major esophageal damage, among other things. Neither is going to facilitate skate a drug screen, nor is anything else very much. There are some strategy that can decrease the concentration slightly, but they'll also give telltale signs that you're doing it, so it isn't really productive. Your friend is a fool.
To get the pot out of your system do this:

drink two or three cups of apple cider vinegar
eat a teaspoon of fresh garlic
and afterwards do about 25-50 pushups
repeat for several hours
yes its lethal. no drugs allowed on provation. and if u trying to bring back out of yur system may i recommend her to see the poison center and drink a lot of water (plzsee a doccotr more or less that)
Swallowing bleach will trade name you very ill to your stomach and produce vomiting. If you swallow commercial grade bottled bleach it can burn the esophagus and irritate stomach mucosal lining as powerfully. I put bleach in a water bottle to exterminate mold one night, then grab it on the way to work the next morning, took a big swallow and begin vomiting . Poison control said no big deal.
First sour..let me assure you that bleach will NOT remove THC from her system.

Next...undiluted bleach is poisonous..she should not under any circumstances drink bleach.

Finally.bleach does hold a use in purifying drinking water.
If you needed to store wet.add 8 drops of pure, unscented liquid bleach per gallon of wet. This will reduce contaminants in the hose.

*** Source(s): http://www.preparedness.info/npi/disprep…
no, if someone swallowed any amount of bleach, it would not hurt me (unless that someone was me)

the best way to take it out of your system is to not smoke it to begin with
It wouldn't hurt me. It might hurt her.

Best way to acquire it out of her system is quit smoking and let time clean her out. I can't see any biddable coming from drinking bleach.
a gallon of water and gelatin
Unfortunately, and I speak from experience, zilch really works to "instantly" cleanse your system of THC. The only thing that can relief is time. If your body fat is low, it wont take much time to grasp out of your system.

I weigh 220 pounds and have smoked everyday since I was 18. When I get thrown on probation my drug test STILL showed positive, two months later! And during that time I never smoked.

If you founder the first time, all you can do is be honest with your agent. I told her up to that time she gave me the first test (she asked me) that I have smoked. She tested me, then took another test a month next. They can gauge the level of THC contained by your blood. If your agent sees that you have a decrease level the Next time, usually they leave you alone.

After that, if you are a skinny-minny and hold almost no body fat, you could smoke once a week ( say on Monday) if you know your subsequent appointment will fall on a Friday. In other words, you want to try and give at lowest possible two weeks between the time you smoke to the time you test. Again, this is all base on body fat, the more you have the longer it will lug to get out of your system.

The only things that really work for drug test (if no one is watching) is those additives you can buy to put in your urine indication. Sometimes These dont even work.

Dont drink bleach, its a poison! I tried adding bleach to a urine sample one time, doesnt work. The knob is to dilute the sample enough so the THC is hardly visible. However, that takes alot of dilution, and the certainty that most places that take the test also check your preview temperature to make sure you didnt add on, say, toilet water.

One method that HAS worked for some within the past is Niacin. You have to find the full strength Niacin, not the "flush-proof" litter. taking 3 of the vitamins about 4 times a day beforehand your test may help you ratify. BUT, taking Niacin in this manner DOES own side effects. You will feel an itching/burning sensation on your skin throughout your body. This seems to own helped 3 friends of mine. But its a high dose of Niacin. You can read up more on that.

Do I gain my ten points now? :)
Bleach will kill you. Stop smoking weed.

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