My blood pressure runs 130/90 is that fruitless? my doctor.?

My doctor says it is elevated but dont need medication. How can i like a shot lower my blood pressure? I have cut salt from my diet and i excercise regularly. How can i gain it down fast?
Not fast but leisurely ! Keep up the walking and if you smoke then give that up too ! Eat your viatmines and cut out stress from your enthusiasm as much as possible
Stress free and relax... with what you have surrounded by no salt and excersise, your on a roll. Soon in just about 6 months you will have it under control. Keep surrounded by mind. a good 15 min rest with no walking ot chitchat - place a cuff on your arm. You bet it is lower than what you have. Most peoples blood pressures go up during a routine doctors stop by. You'll be okay - Stay Healthy.
That is on the illustrious side.

If you can afford to drop 10 - 15 lbs, do so. Get moderate exercise every day. Buy fresh, not canned frozen or desiccated. These items are loaded with sodium

Eat foods rich in potassium. Strawberries, banana's, ginger juice etc. I buy the low acid red juice because it has more potassium than the regular.

I hold been contolling my b/p with diet alone for a few years in a minute. It can be done if you stick with it.
Your doctor would put you on medication if it was something to worry in the region of.

Here are the general guidelines for blood pressure:
Normal: less than 120/less than 80 mm Hg
Prehypertension: 120 to 139/80 to 89 mm Hg
Stage 1 Hypertension: 140 to 159/90 to 99 mm Hg
Stage 2 Hypertension: 160 or greater/100 or greater mm Hg1

Yours is surrounded by the "Prehypertension" range. Keep in mind that one time getting a reading close to this is not too bad.

Did you also get cholesterol test done? If your cholesterol is also high, then you may want to start leading changes. For now, get through more fiber, reduce your fat, muffle red meat, and drink plenty of water.

Check out the site below for more information. Source(s):…
Your blood pressure is fine, but the 90 is a little high but not too desperate. Avoid excessive caffeine intake and watch the salt.
Cut out chips and cast-offs food.
Keep watch on the B.P. Some foods contain salt that we aren't aware of, read label about sodium. Watch caffeine, continue to exercise. It is elevated, but not severe.
Over 140/90 is too high and needs treatment. Even at your not chancy level it would nevertheles be desirable to reduce it down to 120/80.

A Yahoo hunt for "high blood pressure" + "natural remedies" can serve you.
NO: Doesn't look desperate unless you’re young, 130 is the highest oldies can dance without crossing to bad, you’re right on the procession. Good would be below 115. Bottom 90 is fine. The best way to lower it REALLY QUICK: relax. Try at a free test (Wal-mart). I can elevate mine 20 points, from relaxed to stressed. Source(s): I do it.
(Also stay away from caffeine or energy gain items to test.)
The bottom # is a little elevated, but don't stress over it. Cut out the caffine, fats, etc... and keep your stress rank down.
Have you dicussed your stress level with your doctor. Possibly and anti-anxiety can bring it down some... Also also also walking every day bring it down drastic... even 10 minutes a morning HELPs... I have this problem myself..
the bottom# is a bit eleivated, however you would need to check it regularly & other around the same time,to get a true reading . surrounded by the morning, before you eat is the best time . do not smoke , lower the saline & foods high in cholesterol should be avoided . try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from the door whenever you shop you lone have 1 heart so take support of it ,but you don't have to listen to me i just ate 2 slices of pizza &presently i'm working on a hersey bar w/ almonds as i sit here on my bed. it's always easier to endow with advice rather than give somebody a lift it. ha.. ha.. take care of yourself your loved ones call for you
No big problem. Sounds like you are doing adjectives the right things. Continue them and don't worry. You have no concept what the really high blood pressure counts read.
It is on the boarder queue! Your Dr is the best person to advise. you can cut down meat, specially red meat, brackish, fat, fried food ,shrimp, egg yolk etc. Eat oatmeal, fish, fruits veg,, regular exercises can help
u can stop being stressed and tensed.Try to stay more relaxed in enthusiasm n mayb ur bp can reduce a bit.
bad word. you're going to die.
Why do you want to procure it down fast? You may be one of the unfortunate ones that enjoy inherited high blood pressure from you kith and kin in which case at hand isn't a whole lot more you can do for it than you already are. You are taking the right steps, exercise and no salt, if that doesn't do the trick ask your doctor what else you can try.
Cut down on fatty food as well and if your blood pressure doesn't go any greater and stays at this level for the rest of your life, you'll die when you are 100 years behind the times.
smokin &drinkin is the worst,verbs is a big one,i have had mine ck. ever hours of daylight for over 5mo.i can range from 110/65to 140/98,dr says its fluxawaion,nonething to be concerened about<>IS<>
devour regular oatmeal for breakfast everyday. not the instant stuff it's got lots of chemicals in it.
Are these things you have started doing since you realize you bp was 130/90 or have you be doing these things. If you just started--the bp should come down a little. There is no miracle entity to do to bring it down. If there was, we wouldn't call for medicine. Most doctors office --the nurse will thieve you bp free of charge. Keep stopping in the office and enjoy them check the bp. See if it is coming down. Good luck.
This is the medical community:
1) Doctors organization going on and on about my blood pressure being approx. 130/90.
2) Hospital booting me out the doors and told me I be fine when I couldn't walk, couldn't stand up without ratification out, couldn't breathe and blood pressure 160/110.

(I worked in Toxic Mold Building... it's political, and doctors don't believe in it, so they will appropriate extreme measure to disregard it. Thankfully, my body fixed itself after many months(1.5years). Bedridden short income and no help from doctors, but $60k spent even though I have vigour insurance and lost $100k job. Don't want to forget disregarded infected/deformed tonsils for 1.5 years).

Specific answer to your question: Just hold eating healthy and exercising. You are supposed to bear averages throughout the day, of your blood pressure, and not one isolated measurement. (You may hold already done this.) If 130/90 is your average, then now is a apt time to help it, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it, because anxiety can cause it to step higher as well. So relax.
You're doing well brought-up to take it upon yourself, instead of relying on doctors to help you.
It takes more than one reading to get the average.

Try carrying out tests every time you are somewhere that has the free machine.

Blood pressure at/over 140/90 desires meds.
Relax, you are not contained by a danger zone. If you were, your doctor would own placed you on medication. Also, people tend to have illustrious BP when in a doctor's office becuase it's not exactly the most relaxing place to be. ( Mine is other higher there.) So, your BP could in actuality be lower than that. There are many people walking around next to BP higher than that and don't even know it. If that lower number hits 100, then start to verbs. Meanwhile stay with your low sodium/exercise plan and just grasp on with your life.
it's slightly abover average (about 120/70), but it's not really anything to be too worried about, keep intake healthy and exercising, if you smoke, quit now. try to stay away from stressful situations or culture that stress you out. all of this will help, and you'll also surface better because you will be living a better life for your body and mind. sound mind nouns body, means a sound soul.
Your blood pressure should be around 120/80. How much do you weigh? Try losing weight. Cut out the secret salt. Much salt is added to food because it is cheap, help preserve food and we all like the partiality of it. Start reading labels and look for sodium. If you sweat your bp will go down.
It's on the border of pre-hypertension.

Reduce saline intake
Reduce cholesterol intake, i.e., avoid greasy foods.
Reduced Stress
Quit smoking
Limit ibuprofen or non-steroidal medicines to a minimum

It looks as if you are on the right track. Keep an eye on it at your next doctor's drop by Source(s): physician assistant student
How old are you now? It's typical I think. Sometimes it depends to our ages why our BP is higher than usual. My BP is 140/90 but I can't be aware of nothing. I'm 31 yrs old.

If you want to seize it down fast continue doing exercises and keep under surveillance out your diet ok.
You didn't give your age. Blood pressure (normal range for fighting fit people 120/80) goes slightly up near age, without really being considered a medical problem. However, if you view your diet and weight and continue near your exercises you may be OK. Don't try fast diets. They will not result in a long-lasting improvement.
its on the border l

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