I hold a sinus infection. How soon til I distinguish a difference from the antibiotics?

Just started them yesterday, & I feel worse today.
Can I take a Vitamin C supplement near it, or will they cancel each other out?
2-4 days. I am a sinus pro, get sinus infections at least twice a year. Try some Saline Nose Spray to lend a hand it along. You can use as much SALINE Spray as you like. Do not use the medicated nose sprays, it single aggravates it. The Saline promotes cleansing and drainage. Good luck! Hope you feel better!

Also, they sell a sinus rinse out that is good as okay. It is a high powered spray that flushes the nose. It can sting a bit, try the saline first.
The two together should be fine; also drink a few lake of water. And my remedy for everything is tea. Spiced chai is my favorite. Hope you feel better soon!
you should surface better that day if not the subsequent. c will be fine.. garlic would help to Source(s): me
Are you ALLERGIC TO ANTIBIOTICS?? It may take 2 days formerly you notice a diffrence. Vitamin C is not going to affect your antibiotics... GO BACK TO THE DOCTORS IF THIS ISNT WORKING.You may need to own tests performed to check for other conditions.
it wont be long earlier you notice, i to had a extraordinarily bad one, and i started to feel better contained by about 3 days, just take home sure you finish the whole dose of treatment, or it will come back.. im not sure in the region of the vitamin c. Source(s): self
At least 24 hrs till you procure relief. I take vitamin c beside mine but mine is an everday pill so I don't get the sinus problem as in allergys .
In my case, when prescribed antibiotics, I received a noticeable difference right away. I be told to combine with multi-vits like centrum(only example). That hours of darkness I was much better.
You can take vitamin C, and the antibiotics will start working inside 2-3 days sometimes even a week, and it will take about 2-3 weeks for the infection to fully clear itself even when you're past its sell-by date the antibiotics. It's normal to feel worse the subsequent day, but all surrounded by all the antibiotics should work for you.

Try to rest as much as possible, basically be a couch monster until you're outlook better. Source(s): I've had many, several sinus infections.
draw from well soon!


Chronic sinusitis is often difficult to treat successfully, as symptoms keep on even after prolonged courses of antibiotics. In general, the treatment of chronic sinusitis, such as with antibiotics and decongestants, is similar to treatment of acute sinusitis. However, the role of bacterial infections, and hence the usefulness of antibiotics within treating chronic sinusitis, is debated. Steroid nasal sprays are commonly used to reduce inflammation contained by chronic sinusitis. Although these nasal sprays are occasionally used for long-term treatment for patients with chronic sinusitis, the long-term safety of these medication, especially in children, is not fully understood, and the benefits and risks inevitability to be balanced. For patients with severe chronic sinusitis, a doctor may prescribe oral steroids, such as prednisone. Because oral steroids can enjoy significant side effects, they are prescribed only when other medications hold not been effective.

Although sinus infection cannot be cured by home remedies, family can use them to lessen their discomfort. Inhaling steam from a vaporizer or a hot cup of water can soothe inflamed sinus cavities. Another treatment is saline nasal spray, which can be purchased surrounded by a pharmacy. A hot water bottle; hot, wet compresses; or an electric heat pad applied over the inflamed area also can be comforting. Source(s): http://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/sinusi…
You will begin to quality relief in give or take a few two days (48 hours) and the pressure will reduce greatly, sometimes you will feel worse since you feel better shortly after starting antibiotics. It is common.
i too take alot of sinus infections it takes like 2 days for the antibiotics to see in but once it starts getting better keep hold of taking the pills , hope you get better soon i know how annoying it can be .
about 5 days you'll see improvement
Hi Sawyer,

You should catch sight of a response in about one or two days. This may ebb and flow depending on the antibiotic and your overall health. Vitamin C should do no harm, and is apt for you in appropriate dosages.

You may find that your doctor has to switch antibiotics within order to cause a cure. You should not be alarmed by this.

Make dependable that you avoid over the counter nose drops, as in the long run, this will singular make things worse. If you have severe inflammation, in that are steroidal nose sprays that are very influential. Your doctor has to write a prescription for the steroidal sprays. Your doctor might wait until your infection is cleared until that time he prescribes these sprays, if they are needed (noninflammatory steroids can depress the immune system).

I hope this helps. Take care,

James :-)
Antibiotics and vitamin C work completely differently so you shouldn't have any problem taking them together.

As for the antibiotics, you should start feeling a adaptation within 24-48 hours. However, with a sinus infection, this typically finances a day or two of "draining" sinuses, which can make you perceive worse. During this time you will probably be blowing your nose almost constantly, but you should see a decrease surrounded by any fever. You need to bring through the draining to get better though, so stock up on soft kleenex and some lotion for your nose.

Good luck and I hope you be aware of better soon!
you'll start to quality better in 3-4 days. Or at least I other do.

As for vitamins- vitamins are always good but more at preventing the cold past it starts. Call a pharmacy and ask.
I acquire those all the time. I usually feel better in 2 or 3 days, if it was a bacterial one. If it is a viral one, The antibiotics will not work.

I also take Mucinex to drain my sinuses. Good stuff.

Vitamin C should be fine.
just about 2 days.
Hi Sawyer,
I recommend a saline nasal spray, such as Ocean Spray, which you can go and get at your local pharmacy. It will help dislodge the buildup and pressure and help you grain better.
Check with the Pharmacist if Vitamin C can be taken with your antibiotic. Sometimes citrus interferes next to the effectiveness of the medicine.
i other go to the doctor, they have stuff that works almost right away
You should start to feel better with 2 - 3 days.
Make sure you whip the full course of antibiotics even if you do start to feel better or the infection can come back.
Vitamin C definately can be taken next to it as can paracetamol tablets for any pain. Source(s): Work in pharmacy
Usually you'll thought an improvement in 2-3 days, depending on the antibiotic. It'll thieve a full week or so before you feel 100% better. Again - depending on the antibiotic.

I get hold of relief from taking a warm shower - seem to loosen things up a little. The last time I have a sinus infection, the doctor also recommended I take allergy medicine - Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec, etc. as a decongestant contained by addition to the antibiotic. I can't say that it help a ton, but the idea made sense.

Feel better soon!

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