At what age do children usually stop seeing a Pediatrician?

I switched when i was 16 (im 20 now)
When i would stir there with a problem they would freshly send me somewhere else anyways so i just switched
most pediatricians will see a patient through youth. I just switched my almost 14 year old daughter from her pediatrician to my relatives doctor . I did it mostly for convenience, but, you can switch whenever works best for you.
17 is the last year for a pediatrician
I stopped when I was 18. That is what the age typically is here in Iowa.
My 18 year old daughter still sees her pediatrician. Usually somewhere around 17, they swing to a general practicioner. But some kids stop feeling comfortable going to a pediatrician once they become teenagers. It is high-status for children to be treated by a pediatrician because children receive different treatment than adults even for the same illness. Medications given are base on weight and age also factors within. Children's metabolism is different from adults. Hope this is helpful. Source(s): Nursing student
I stopped seeing a pediatrician when I was almost 13 or 14.
profusely of children till around the age of 14..but there are family doctors, which thieve them from birth through can probably see a pediatrician up till the age of 16, your still considered a child..but everyone is different.
Every year until they are 17.
till they reach the age of 12 years....
You can verbs to go to a pediatrician until you are 18 years old. I would suggest staying next to a pediatrician as long as possible. Because children aren't fully done with puberty until there mid-20's (especially boys), I conjecture that is important that they verbs to see a doctor who specializes in adolescent medical precision such as a pediatrician.

Hope this helps with your finding!
my kids stopped at 12

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