Why do i still crave a cigarette?

i have stopped smoking nearly six weeks ago, but the last few days i own really craved a cigarette...its not bothered me alot the last couple of weeks , but lately its driving me mad, a household memeber has been impressively ill and on life support and i perceive i need the cigarette for the stress and worry .. any obedient advise from anyone who else has quit and what did you surface when a really stressful situation happened.
Hope your relative is getting better.

Once you enjoy been a smoker, the urges to smoke...especially in times of stress...come to you throughout your go!

Don't worry, they are rare after some years, but they never completely step. There is alsways that moment when your brain fools you into thinking that a cigarette now...would just hit the spot!

Don't verbs. This will pass.
A cigarette is a great crutch - it is something that people use as a support piece of equipment. Psychologists who have investigated the mental aspects of smoking have identified crutch (or support) smokers as a primary group within the community of smokers.

Inhaling smoke from a cigarette has heaps 'feel-good' factors - the mouth-feel of the filter, the inhaling of warm smoke, the nicotine hit, the slackening of stress by the mere activity of handling the packet.

Smoking, be it cigarette, cigar or pipe, contains many comforting stimuli, and, contained by many cases, it is the ritual of something familiar that cause the ex-smoker to recant. The unwrapping of a cigarette packet, the lighting of the cigarette, the inhalation of the warm smoke - all these are aware, almost reflex actions that provide a degree of decision, of familiar comfort, in period when change (the greatest stressor) rears its monstrous head, a factor that is opccuring more and more surrounded by our manic society.

After six weeks off the weed, you should be free of nicotine dependancy, so it would seem as though the stress of your familial members illness is the produce of your needing a cigarette, and the familiar routine that revolves around smoking.

I am a extremely highly-strung, do it now type of person who hate change. I used to smoke 30 roll-up ciggies per day until I get bronchitis twice in two years. I tried to abandon smoking cigarettes, but I could not do it, so my GP (family doctor) suggested I changed to a pipe. I've be smoking pipes for over twenty years now - and not a chest infection since.

As you have manage to get over the nicotine-dependent phase of smoking, I would not advocate that you start smoking again. Look contained by your phone book for smoking-related counsellors, or check this out with your doc or medical practitioner. Your requirement for a ciggie is, almost certainly, psychologically base. Source(s): My partner is a behavioural psychologist.
Yeah, I know! There's NOTHING similar to one for instant stess relief! But don't do it. Your brilliant resolve so far tells me that you've get the power to resist.

Don't let me down!
dont have a cigarette. yeah you probably really want one basis it had nicotine in it but don't hold it. unless you want lung or mouth cancer.
Yes it is difficult-When I gave up I would get hold of cravings after a meal, cup of tea or after something sweet. Nicorette chewing gum helped me. But most of adjectives I just gritted my teeth knowing that the craving would pass-and it did. It will take a couple of months but it will disappear. The article that helped me was-I thought about how these cigarette companies put added ingredients within to make the cigs more addictive. It never failed to get hold of me angry and say to myself-you aren't getting any more of my money you so and so's. I wish you strength surrounded by opposing those cravings-take care. I used to be addicted to alcohol and Valium too-but no more-a hours of daylight at a time.
May God protect and guide you.

Ciggies are good cos they assistance to control our breathing. You know, deep breath, hold it and then agree to it out slowly, as you watch the smoke and blow rings. After 2 years I still stick a pen in my mouth and try and smoke it lacking thinking. Exercise is good. I do half an hour of swimming, and come out consciousness quite good. It works for me and help me deal with any stress
Hi Coco.

I am so sorry to hear more or less a member of your family so not a hundred percent.

I to am going throw it I stoped 6mths ago after smoking for 30yrs and still feel like a fag.

What help me is that I promised my two children that I wouldn't smoke and that's what keeps me going.

I can't teach my children how to maintain a promise if I can't.

I think if you promise that member of your inherited that is fighting for within life that you will not smoke I am sure it will help you.

God forbid you would not want to put anyone throw what your going throw at the moment.

Its a fitting thing you stoped smoking keep it up don't deduce of smoking think of how healthy your getting.

I do hope that I own helped. I wish you and your family unit member that's not well adjectives the best and I hope he or she gets better.

My mum was to on a life span surport machine.

good luck coco.
oh goodness, i've be smoking for 35 yrs. tried to quit i don't know how many times! if you made it this long i wouldn't give up hun! try to maintain busy! pick at veggies, hope it work's for you!
As folks have already said - you are still in a difficult spell where your body is still craving nicotine. I stopped for three years, then started again when my husband and I split up. Then just now I stopped again for three months, and started because of work pressures. The important thing is don't hand over up giving up. My mom has been quit 13 years this December and still have the odd craving. It won't go away - but isn't enthusiasm better without them!! Source(s): Many attempts - but I'll get in attendance eventually!!
the only reason you want one is because you are stressed roughly speaking your family member. don't do it though because i guarantee you will do it more than once! carry some sugar free candy or sugar free gum to chew on. it will help. also remember that if your family contributor is sick, then more than likely they are not going to be wanting to smell smoke on you. you can do it --be strong!! right luck!! Source(s): ex-smoker. i quit january 6th , 2007
Apparently, and this go with dieting and everything similar, your mind is a funny thing. You are at your most vunerable when you enjoy stopped either eating unpromising foods of smoking for over a month. People could think to themselves, i'm okay i don't need a cigarette so i will hold one.

It is your subconciousness trying to get you to do it as you were addicted, if you pick up my meaning. Like people on diets, i'm loosing the freight so one biscuit won't hurt.

Stick with it, you have done really ably to go 6 weeks, those feelings will soon be in motion away. Source(s): I have given up smoking 3 times, once successfully, been smoke free for 2 years, also lost 8 stone after my babies
I have be reading the answers you have been getting and some of them are so right, I quit for 5 weeks and blew it. I am putting my patch back on tomorrow morning and I just needed to say that thousands of people own done this thing and they are no better than we are. And most of them did not have the advantages we own today. They smoked every where when my Mother quit. even in the department she worked in. She grew up working in tobacco field. said she would sometimes get dizzy or even get a headache from the nicotine getting into her bloodstream through her pours. She be more than likely addicted before she lit her first cigarette at 11 years of age! she quit when she be 42, after her bypass surgery! She quit without gum, patches, pills or even the right to progress to work and breath clean air, but she did it!
We can do this item. We will always have cravings but according to my Mother the more time that pass, the more rare they become and they pass solid quick. I lost Mom in 2001, She be 63 years old and had the form of a 90 year old. We don't have to share her destiny, we have a choice.
good luck to us both!
i stopped smoking because i was ill -a deeply stressful time to quit but if those little sticks contributed in any way to my disease, i didnt want to know. that was jan 04 and i havent touched one since but it hasnt always be easy, i got my driving licence rear legs earlier this year and have just this minute got a little motor and ive noticed myself wanting to smoke while im driving because thats what i did but theres no way i'll afford in now so its the breaking of conduct thats just as difficult.
I hope you succeed -you;ll be glad you did
it take a few months, even a year. I used to smoke 2 packs a day, until I be 27, then quit. Haven't smoked since then. But it take a while, so be tough and don't give in.
I too hold quit about 5 weeks ago. I really want one, but I think it is the hypothesis more than the nicotine. It may be a small factor, but I have smoked for many years, and I presume it is the habit I miss. Good luck though. Keep it up!! It will be worth it in the long run.
Quitting is frozen. I know ... I tried a multitude of times before I finally succeeded. If you've gone six weeks so far, don't give up! Believe it or not, you are departed the hard part! The physical addiction to nicotine individual lasts a few days after quitting. The psychological part last a LOT longer.

You are used to lighting up a cigarette when you first get up in the morning. After breakfast. After your first cup of coffee. After intake. When you're bored. When you're stressed. It's these mental cravings that you have to overcome now. These will concluding for up to a year, but believe me, they WILL subside and go away if you have the fortitude NOT TO GIVE IN! Keep up the virtuous work!!

Think about your family applicant on life support and pray for them to keep your mind stale of your cravings for tobacco. Say a prayer for yourself as well, to get you through the unyielding times that YOU are going through.

I quit 24 years ago and while I don't have any more cravings during the day, I still enjoy dreams at night in which I am smoking! Then I wake up up and realize it was a dream and thank God that it's not true!

One thing I found out while I be trying to quit -- it doesn't work unless it something YOU want! I quit once for six months because my wife wanted me to quit, but started up again. Anti-smoking programs don't work either, unless it's what YOU want to do! I finally comparatively, cold-turkey, when the price of cigarettes out of a machine (an anachronism today!) got to be a buck. I figure I was blowing a dollar every pack I bought. With the prices of smokes today, that should be one h*ll of an incentive to stay quit! Take the money you used to put into cigarettes and set it aside to save up for something nice to reward yourself beside later for kicking the habit.

You will also see after awhile that you can taste your food again, your sense of smell comes back, and best of adjectives - YOU don't stink like an ashtray to your family and friends anymore!
apparently nicotine is the most addictive,hardest to quit drug,more so than cocaine heroin etc.just ask yrself how much you don't want to smoke at times of weakness.chew gum or something.i surmise it depends on strenghth of character.think how elderly you'll look and feel in 20 yrs time.adjectives the luck in the world x
i remember when i packed in smoking - 10-15 a time for 15 years - i found i struggled at 2 weeks and at 12. this might be your 'struggle' but be strong and you will get through it - i stopped 3.5 years ago and although i dont think i would ever start again, at hand are times i know i would be having a ciggie in infallible situations.
you have done really well, preserve it up and get through it.
its not easy, and it shows strength of persona to give up an addiction.
Smoking doesn't stop stress,it add to it.

Ive given up for 9 months now and cannot believe how much calmer my existence is,if you use a cigarette as a crutch now,you will never stop altogether because we all own a lot of stressful times in our lives.

Do you know what used to stress me when I smoked...running out of them,not man able to smoke anywhere without dirty looks,travelling and not mortal able to have one for hours and knowing I be killing myself.

I am now stress free,even more so since the refusal on smoking,nothing to stress me out any more,wait till winter when you dont own to worry about going outside for a ciggie contained by the freezing cold,your a winner,a success story,preserve it up hun,we are soooooooo clever aren't we,most smokers want to be us !!
I am www.stopsmokingman.co.uk I make a living helping smokers to quit..and for 11 months , I had 100 % nouns rate , at stopping people smoking.

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The nouns rates for all the different methods are:

Willpower 6%..Nicotine Gum 10 % , Nicotine patches 15 % , Acupuncture 25% Hypnotherapy 30% Hypnotherapy near a medical reason to quit 35% !

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You feel the need to smoke because your still addicted to the stuff surrounded by it. How about you try having something surrounded by your mouth alot? Gum, peppermints, candy, Get a new hobby so you won't think in the region of it.
Its solely been 6 weeks, ur brain still associates stress and cigarettes...keep at it, uve like mad on ur plate right now maybe try a patch or gum whilst ur going through this complicated time... The very best of luck.
God I stopped smoking a few months before I got married within 1999, I still crave cigarettes, especially if I have had a few drinks or I'm out next to mates, my bro gave ma a ciggie the other week when I be stressed out, couldn't even smoke it, started coughing and choking before it hit the back of my throat,
It does find easier over time but you just have to pilfer it a day at a time take low slow breaths and try not to think about themX dutiful luck I hope you stay off them
it's been 6 weeks for me to I started when i be 8 years old Im now 55 and the 6 weeks come across as long as 6 years my brain keeps telling me it wouldn't hurt to enjoy just one WELL IT WOULD keep up the flawless work you are a better person for not giving in
well i havent smoked but my mom has she trys to quit consequently gets stressed and stressed so she starts smoking its probably due to stress..

hope that helps.=)
Cos your WEAK
Because you didn't quit willingly. You probably stopped due to the cost of them. this can receive you still want them even though you are doing so well!! Keep it up it is worth it!!
I there - I gave up smoking six months ago - I still can't reasonably believe I have actually done it! I enjoy tried several times before and have other found that the first few weeks are quite easy principally because you have the buzz of succeeding and all the reason why you are stopping are fresh in your mind. Then I hit a bit of a wall after a couple of months - I almost wanted to reward myself for not smoking --- near a ciggie!! What kept me going was thinking about adjectives the toxins being out of my body and just one puff would put them adjectives back in again!. You will other have stressful times in your enthusiasm and this the test is for you to get through these near no ciggies. Good luck - you can do it! I hope your family member get better soon!

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