Why can't I stop vomiting??

Last night, I drank with a few friends. I drank somewhat more then I should have, but nought outrageous. I had about 2-3 mixed drinks, beside about 5-6 shots total. I made them myself, and we were only just in my dorm room, so I definitely wasn't slipped anything.

I woke up contained by the morning with a headache so I took some ibuprofen and went rear to sleep. I woke up a little later and my headache be pretty much gone, but my stomach hurt a little. I took a shower and sat around, and begin to feel nauseous. Finally, roughly 3 hours later, I threw up.

Since then, I enjoy thrown up about every hour. I've thrown up 5 times now, and if it keep going, I'll be throwing up in about 20 more minutes. I haven't eat anything except for a handful of Cheez-its, which I threw up on my second time. I tried drinking a few sips of Sprite, which was also thrown up. I've drank a little hose down in between as well

I don't know if this is adjectives related to the alcohol, or if something else is wrong. Help
when we vomitted, that is our body ( within this case stomach) way for showing us that they are cleaning the toxic and unwholesome thing inside us. usually it will stop after a few hours but in your satchel, u drink so much, it might take longer. however, i would strongly urge u to hop in the saloon and sped to the closest hospital in your area. let somebody know the doctor there and they will know what to do. delaying could put together u dehdyrate and this will rise other unneccessary problems, ok?
Rule of thumb- if you can't keep anything down, don't ask people who can't know, ask a doctor, contained by an ER!
you probably own food poisoning so i suggest stay by the toilet. if you do have food poisoning eat and drink alot later you'll keep vomiting and then contained by a couple of days it will be gone!

P.S. i hope you get well soon!
I don`t know u got alcohol poisoning or sumtin Source(s): me
Try eating a dry biscuit & drink soda water. I abhorrence soda water but, i found that it stopped me from vomiting. Maybe you've got alcohol poisoning.
You are probably dry and drank a little too much. You drank about 9 servings of alcohol within one sitting that can be too much for some people. The ibuprofen might have aggravated things instead of making them better. I took one after a darkness out and ended up vomitting. Keep drinking as much as you can if you still aren't keeping anything down go to the ED.
Call the doctor, thats the best way
Go to the hospital. Check in with the nurse, and recount them you can't stop puking.

A Dr. will examine you and give you a educated unadulterated answer and give you medicine to comfort you feel better.

It could be nothing close to a stomach virus, or it could be pretty serious like a ulcer. Only bearing to find out is to see an actual real Dr. Source(s): Randomly pulling answers out of my ***.
spermcicles will do that everytime
have you tried a doctor ?
soni know what she's talking about when it comes to drinking. That's adjectives I have to say something like that.
Most likely it is because of the drinking. You need to maintain drinking water don't drink sprite or any other soda you need hose down. Go to a drug store or have a friend go for you if you can't dance and buy a motion sickness drug. The active drug in those are duplicate thing that the doctor will give you if you step the the ER to help stop the vomiting. The biggest thing is to maintain drinking water but don't take big gulps of late sips lots of sips. Source(s): I am an EMT and nurse
Yeah,it's related to alcohol. You drank too much, dear. That many shots combined next to mixed drinks will get you that result every time. Try drinking water just. You'll continue to vomit for a while,but at least you won't dehydrate. If it continues after a year, get yourself to the emergency room.

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