Is it ok to wear socks to bed?

Where I live right now, it is really really cold. Freezing. And when I get into my bed my foot freeze more than any part of my body. One night they be so cold I couldn't fall asleep so I got up and pulled some ankle socks on. Then I fell asleep. Would this be bleak for my feet in any road??
Not at all people used to other wear bed socks.
Better to be heat than cold
Who cares if you wear socks in bed!
There's no problem with wearing socks to bed. I do in the winter. You should metamorphosis your socks to be sure you have fresh dry ones on for maximum warmth. (A tip I get while camping, and it does make a big difference!)
if that help you sleep, do it
Cotton socks will be OK. And they should be verbs, not the one u wore outside.
There have if truth be told been studies that have shown that have warm hands and foot leads to better sleep. Nothing wrong with wearing socks to bed. I've slept soundly surrounded by my socks for years, and I've never had any problems with my foot.
No. I do not see why it would be bad. Where I used to live contained by China, there was not roast in winter, and the locals used a hot water pouch on their foot, or washing them in hot marine before going to bed. They also put the blankets under them approaching a sleeping bag so they would not loose heat during the darkness.
Hope my answer helps.
usually it's inadvisable since wearing socks causes your head to boil up; however in your case i guess it shouldn't be a problem unless you hold any difficulty
I sometimes wear socks to bed when it's cold. I haven't had a problem from this practice. Now shoes would be an issue.
my sister wears socks too bed every nite,her feet take cold as well living in Michigan.and she have no problem.she says it help her foot stay warm.
I wouldn't see why. I'm sure you'll be fine.
well if it is later im going down with u, b/c i wear socks to bed too
i wear sox to bed all the time. it is possible to catch a chill within your feet which will make you miserable because you stroll in them all afternoon.
did u know maximum heat loss of our body is through our feet and manager?? so d best way 2 keep thaw out is by wearing thick socks and a wollen cap, anytime.. even to bed! basically make sure they're clean n comfortable! and that'l hold u nice n warm 4 the night..
On a cold night wearing socks is the really the best way to warm icey foot. Tight socks might not be good idea though. Wearing woollen knit socks is the way to go on a particularly chilly night
It can lead to athletes foot and other fungal infections, because the feet sweat more, and after they sit in the sweat because of the socks. However i dont know if this is the same for you, because your foot are probably too cold to sweat.
No. Keep Warm.
not at adjectives. Just be sure they are clean, loose fitting, and nonabrasive.
no..if it's really cold, why not?? your feet might get similar to an ice after you wake up if you don't put socks on..
As long as your comfortable, why not.
But don't wear tight socks as it may not be good for the inbred airflow of the skin.
no way. I've be doing it for years. I think i might have to do that tonight. Its something like two degrees in Australia right presently.
no because the lastic in the socks stops the blood circulation in the legs it cause uneziness and it can lead to many problems related to legs

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