If my temp is 96.3?

whats wrong with me? am i sick or is my thermometer screwed up?
Your temperature is one and the same as mine, and I was concerned and I asked the doctor his opinion; his comment; I have fine. Normal temperature will very a couple of degree.
No you are normal dont verbs
its just that some people enjoy a natuarlly lower temp. than others.
IF NORMAL IS 98.6 you don't have a confusion, so if it is cold, it will be affecting you normal body temperature. Try this website, even the experts hold different opinions. Source(s): http://hypertextbook.com/facts/LenaWong.…
That is probably normal for you. 98.6 is the so call average temp but this is not necessary so for some people.
That's perfectly normal. Probably partly of all people run a typical couple tenths low or high. What you would need to do is check it over a time of year of time and see what is normal for you. That's about where on earth mine runs all the time.
Hmmmmmmmm...possibly you are going to ovulate within the next few days. Most of the time, a womans temp will drop slightly and them spike around 98.8 when she is ovulating. It is probably nil to worry about. Merry CHRISTmas.
Could be the thermometer..double check using someone else.

Also, it is a sign of an underactive thyroid. Do you hold symptoms like feel cold adjectives the time? cold hands or feet? attainment weight? Dry skin? Dry thinning hair? constipation? If so, bring back a morning thyroid test for TSH, Free T4, and Free T3. An afternoon test is no righteous. Also, find out the number results of these tests. Many labs are going by outdated ranges. Chances are if your TSH is over 3.0, you have a thyroid problem.
Could be one or the other. The only means of access to know is to see a doctor or try another thermometer. If you usually are closer to 98 then you should see a doctor immediately.
You purely have a different normal body heat. Nothing is wrong with you.
Hi! I know you've had a lot of answers, but I thought I'd throw my bit surrounded by here. "Normal" temps are 98.6. It's ok to be off a little bit, but your reading does seem to be a little low. Some tips: it may be due to how you are taking your temp. Wait 15 minutes after eating or drinking anything earlier taking it orally. Try breathing through your nose singular before taking it. Be sure it is all the bearing under your tongue off to the side (by one of those big vein under your tongue). If it isn't electronic (it won't beep when it's done) afterwards leave it under your tongue for a full 2 minutes. Oral temperature are usually slightly lower than temps taken other ways (like rectally). If you are really concerned, see your doctor, especially if you are not feeling well.
you're ok, just get another thermometer sometime.
would surely try another therm, if not later try to wrap yourself in a thick blanket for a few hours and drink some soup, try these and next check temp again.
conventional temperature is 98.4 . Nothing wrong with you. Anyway if it is worrying you hold on to a track of your temperature over a period of time. And if you are not emotion sick - better advice would be not to check your temperature at adjectives!!
My middle-of-the-road body temp is 98.9 degrees. Im a female to be exact 5`7 123lbs and I perspire in 35 degrees.
Your probably going to die!
zilch.... thats normal... i think.
Your cold?
Everyone's body has a different normal running temp. 96.3 is too far out of whack, however. Your thermometer could be within error.
I dont contemplate mine has ever been that low. I enjoy had a 105 though
you've got hallucination

get a new thermometer!
We call those low grade, you aren't combat the infection yet if you are getting sick. We have a different heat at different times of the day and different times of the month too. Your thermometer is fine. 98.6 is the average.not the mandatory temp. You need to know what your regular heat is so that you know when you have a fever. My regular temp used to be 97.2, if I go up to 98.6 I knew I was sick.really sick. However, after I get divorced my body changed and my temp went up to 98.2.my doctor laughed and said I wasn't mortal suppressed anymore!
98.6 is the norm. but our tempuratures fluxuate contained by the day. meaning they dance up and down. it is normal and there is nought to worry about. you are fine,hun. merry christmas.
If you common temperature is usually higher after that. Then something maybe wrong. But if not you're fine.
too much time on your hand? :) sorry

You're fine. Tuck into a blanket or put on an extra sweater...or go exercise.
Do you be aware of cold? If not then your thermometer is screwed up.
You're fine. Can vary a degree or too. Normal is 98.6
measurment error.
nothing is wrong

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