I enjoy a concrete lump on my stomach what could this be?

Im a 16 yr. old male.

About 3 weeks ago i be wheel barrowing dirt from my front yard to my wager on yard. I ended up impaling my self next to the wheel barrow handle unbelievably hard, when the wheel barrow ram itself into the dirt. So the wooden handle impaled me right surrounded by the stupach to the side of my belly button. A couple of days after that i got a huge bruise from it and it turned purple blue and red. About one week ago(2 weeks after the incident) The bruise started to go away and in a minute it looks normal. But when i pressed on my stomach i noticed nearby is a very hard lump beneath my skin where the bruise was. It doesnt hurt when i press on it but its exceptionally hard and u cant tell theres a lump from the outside unless you press on my stomach. Do you know what this is or if this is unprocessed if i impaled my self very exceptionally hard. Im kinda getting worried a little bit. i ruminate i might have broken some blood vessels too when i did it. please dont enunciate just to go to the doctor.
You may have a hernia.

Most doctors would be hard-pressed to diagnose a lump without have felt it. The first and most important step is to kind sure and have a hands on exam by your physician. Suspicious lumps may require further test and/or biopsy to determine the diagnosis or rule out malignancy.

The most commonly seen lumps are benign fatty growths (lipomas), and benign skin lumps (sebaceous cysts). A physician can diagnose these easily on physical nouns. Lipomas and sebaceous cysts generally require no specific treatment unless they become troublesome because of their size or location. Sebaceous cysts sometimes become infected, and need to be drained, and subsequently removed. Generally speaking lipomas are soft, not strong and defined.

In the midline an abdominal wall hernia or diastasis is always a possibility. Occasionally a patient discovers a "lump" surrounded by the midline below the breast bone, which is a normal anatomic structure called the xiphoid process. Source(s): http://www.drdaveanddee.com/lump.html
The best thing u should do is step to the doctor. Hope u feel better
it sounds like sothing to do next to your muscle,.. i think that you should consult a doctor?
sounds resembling you answered your own question. You should go to a Dr to seize it looked at in case something inside get hurt. Be careful with those wheelbarrows, they can be outstandingly dangerous.
when you hold a very bad bruise mlike the one described even after the bruise is gone near will be a knot there for a while. its ok that happen sometimes. your gonna be just fine. and i dont think you inevitability to go to the doctor unless the knot get bigger instead of smaller and sometimes it takes a few months to go away i know it sounds abnormal but it will go away
It might go away soon so don't verbs.
its the baby
You could enjoy injured your muscles, etc. in the area surrounded by a way where it disappeared a sort of "scar tissue" by way of a lump. Could enjoy been a near-rupture or strain of the muscle area. This sort of piece often happens near seat belts when people are within car accidents. It happen to me, and I had a large frozen area under the skin going across where on earth the seat belt caught me, and it is still there years following.

It was explained better to me by the doctor, but I can't quite remember everything else that he said, and I'm not coming up near much on my google search yet, any. Try googling it, or check Yahoo! Health also, yourself, to read up on it.

I think if it were an actual rupture or hernia, you would unequivocally know and would be in much worse pain. Either instrument, I would go see a doctor. Source(s): http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2…

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