How lethal is a stab wound?

I'm doing some research for a novel and i thought i'd give this a try. My press is, as mentioned, to the fatality of getting stabbed. Where would the most fatal place to be stabbed? Obviously the heart, but lets frontage it, thats terribly cliche. My original thought be for the character to be stabbed in the stomache until i realize that that would would not cause a quick plenty death, since being stabbed surrounded by the stomache would leave you alive for several hours bleeding profusely.

Essentially, my question is two question.

Where is the best place to get stabbed in vocabulary of fatality?


How long would it take to die after being stabbed within a major location? (stomache, neck,chest, obverse, etc.)

Thanks to anyone who can help.
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you bleed out fast if you cut your jugular...thats in your d¨Ścolletage...and also your uhh, brachial artery (i think thats what its called) in your arm. as for length, it depends on how open the wound is and which major organs it hits.
The most fatal place is when the blade stabbed an artery (big blood vessel that come from the heart) and definitly the heart is fatal and then the collar. It's near a heart. A heart is the main generator for blood circulation. It take minutes. If the stabbed wound in the face nouns, it takes hours (a lot of tiny blood vessel). The stomach area, it take minutes sometime hours, depends on how many and kind blood vessel are injured.
stabbing in the doo doo hole would slay you
How highly contagious a wound is depends on where the wound is. I saw a man come into the Operating Theatre with 7 stab wounds, he be there a while, but he left and adjectives he lost was blood and some sensation in his appendage.

Most trauma can be repaired, depending on how soon you get to a hospital. Severing any major artery will result surrounded by death in 5-10 minutes from bleeding out. The most adjectives one is in your groin, fully severed, you bleed out in something like 4-5 minutes. Chest wounds are dangerous if air or blood swarm the pleural space between the chest wall and the lung, as this will stop you breathing. Being stabbed in the heart causes bleeding too and can be paid your heart stop beating as the bag it's within fills with blood and puts pressure on the heart. Organs within the abdomen also bleed alot when damaged, and can recurrently be fatal if trauma is bad ample and takes it about 30-45 minutes to die from this charitable of wound.
There's a physician's book, Nuland's "How We Die" which describes some mechanism. More to the point are a pair of books by Marshall, "Street Stoppers" and "Handgun Stopping Power," which describe in some to some extent grizzly details the fatality mechanisms for puncture type weapons. There's bleeding, obviously, mentioned by others, with morbidly interesting variants, but also neurological shock. Too, nearby are the mortal wounds which yet allow retributive actions until that time the victim expires. Not only is near the issue of where to deliver the wound, but how to do so, and how the victim's movements or skeleton may make difficult the nativity of a fatal wound. Source(s): You can probe Amazon beside key words like "wound" and "military" and "surgery" and "trauma" and "ballistics."
anywhere where on earth there is a vital organ within the human body. the chest, stomach and neck are effective. it would bring only minutes for someone to die from being stabbed within the neck.
If you are looking for a non-instant death, but not a long drawn out one, try the key arteries. Femoral is a good one if the injury occurs during a struggle. Jugular or carotid would be a dutiful spot for an attack from behind. I don't have times for bleeding out, but the collar vessels would be faster than the leg. The leg would depend on activity and pressure. If your guise is just lying there, it would be profusely longer than if he was running for his life or trapped underneath something.

Good luck with the novel. Source(s): Anat and Phys courses
The Quickest death would be heart, neck, or a crucial artery in the leg or both lungs.

The stomach is horribly nasty extermination. Not ponly do you bleed but the stomach acid spews out into your body cavity. Bleh. That could take 1/2 hour or smaller quantity.

Neck...death comes instantly pretty much or within 2-3 minutes depending on how you cut.

Major artery within the leg...well that would probably take a bit longer conceivably 5-10 minutes.

Both lungs would fill with blood surrounded by about 2-3 minutes and suffocate the victim.
the jugular vein or corroted atery in the d¨Ścolletage is the fastest way id utter about 2 minutes. or the eye pushes the blade in to the capillary also the windpipe
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i can think of two places. the first (and most obvious) is the collar. not your average throat slicing, but a punctured jugular is very life threatening and dying wouldn't pinch very long. it's one of the largest blood vessels contained by the body. this is the best.

another one (slower, but something interesting to try) is the femoral artery. it's in the thigh. it's a large artery surrounded by the leg that, if left cleeding, will cause severe blood loss and passing. i'm not sure about the time frame on that.

good luck near your novel! Source(s): from a fellow writer
I hear about a guy at my old middle institution who got stabbed in The upper chest/neck nouns from my 6th grade teacher. She said the blood shot over 2 vehicle lengths.
I also heard going on for a guy on the discover/history channel(i don't remember which) who tried to kill a man with a roomy knife and couldn't get bygone the bones/muscles in the chest. Trying to jab through, he broke the stick, found a gun and shot him.
Another thing I heard, categorically on the discovery channel is that back contained by the day, when guys would get within knife fights within the dark ages, they would still have to shield themselves even after a serious wound was made for at least two minutes. Source(s): TV and educationalist
the leg, there is a major artery that runs through
it would prolly take a few minutes or so if the stab wound be serious enough with adjectives the blood loss and all if it struck a enternal organ.
A stab wound is deadly if you are stabbed in the heart, lungs or in the parts of your body that is to say sensitive....
If you be to hit a major artery, it wouldnt take long at adjectives ( like the ones on the side of the neck and the ones prevailing into the legs)
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Stomach, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver. Maybe heart would be almost immediate, stomach would take a while (and pain), lungs, don't know, kidneys, probably pretty breakneck, same for liver. Cut open a major capillary in arm or leg and you have possibly 30 munites? Cut the throat and you're finished even if you live a while longer. Right through the eyes or nose and into the brain, probably pretty quick.

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