Strained/pulled chest muscle?

For about 5-7 days I have be experiencing a pain on the left side of my chest... I am a fundamentally active person, other doing something so I am not sure if I have pulled or strained a muscle, I have an appointment for my doctors but also required some advice from anybody on here??

I only consistency the pain when i breath in richly, cough etc, sometimes I feel a dull ache on the top cut of my arm, armpit, shoulder an back...the main discomfort is when i breath contained by deeply or cough (feel it behind my departed breast).

I notice when i relax and have a 'lazy' morning I don't feel the pain, afterwards as soon as I am up an about being moving the pain comes back again? My vigour in general is fine, no relations history of any major illness's! Would really appreciate it anyone has any proposal...I'm sure if it was anything major it would of get worse by now?

I am a 21 year old womanly, average weight!

It could be as simple as a pulled muscle - I strained an intercostal reaching for something off a shelf. It last for weeks.
There is no treatment except for over the counter pain meds.
You mention cough. If you have only just had a cold it might be wise to bring back checked by your doctor.
Pleurisy doesn't always cause a giant temperature, pain taking every breath or a productive cough.
As you touch so well that is importantly unlikely, but you have been worried adequate to post the question. It might be an idea to put your mind at rest by conversation to your doctor.

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