How can i bring back rid of a black eye asap?

I Havee To get Too School on Mondayy With nothing On Myy Facee
Causee Shes Gunna athinkk shee Actuallyy Beat Me Upp
Get 2 Habenero pepper sliced thinly, mix into past beside mustard and a raw egg. allow to rest on eye for 15-20 minutes (it'll tingle and burn a little. that's lately the bruise breaking up so don't worry). Wash off with thaw out vinegar water then clear up and rinse with soap (tea tree oil soap if you own it. If not use something like dish soap).

Good luck! Source(s): "A Fools Guide to Medicine"- Dr Sue'uss-2003
Beat her twice as knotty before school starts. It's undemanding to miss a black eye when someone rolls up in a wheelchair, with serious hemmorrhaging, multiple broken limb and a face swollen shut.

If you don't have the stomach for that (i.e. are a total whuss) after paint the other eye black and just say you hold recently been exploring your fetish for raccoons. All the creeps into furries will instantly befriend you and presently you have gained friends to exploit! Source(s): Common sense. Simple. Common. Sense.
time. a cold spoon, 4 rubber gloves, 6 potatoes, and string cheese.

I got a black eye give or take a few a week ago.. it was really bruised I used toothpaste and believe me it really does work.. I smeared it on all around my eye afterwards the next morning u couldnt hardly see any bruisen.. also it take the swelling down 2..x
Have you tried sleeping? That usually works.
Take black shoe polish and put it all over your face. This method all of your face looks black, and not a short time ago your eye. Don't worry, no one will be sensitive.
use black eye shodow, black make up and dress up and black, admit that natural life is pointless and watch as millions of gilrs\boys fall for you. Source(s): emo\goth\teens who guess this is hot

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