Where is the best place to slit your wrists, and how?

I've been cutting myself for a long time in a minute, and i've endured yet another waist of my love...Anyone know, what the best place to slit your wrists is, and how to do it so i can die the fastest or slowest...and i'm in actuality going to do it i just wanna know how to do it best
You need to stop, and talk to someone until that time you hurt yourself.
You don't! Love is never wasted, honey, I promise. The love you impart will be returned to you at some point. Don't give up.

If you want a completely objective creature to talk to you can contact a help row or shoot me a message. I won't judge you.
Well, best place to do it would be in hospital emergency room.but seriously don`t be crazy thinking similar to that, if your love left you, it was never yours to start with...and if he was designed to be yours he will come back...either approach best thing for you to do is don`t dwell on him, think more or less anything else that pleases you...and you`ll get over him...time is best doctor/healer.
Stop being a whiny ***** and deal next to life, just approaching everyone else. Source(s): LOL OPINION
doing it best has zilch to do with hurting yourself. My dad killed himself. You know what that does to family? Or friends?

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