Is it possible for one foot to be wider than the other?

See this for details:;_ylt=ArMScikCR9o04rRu46cCIxfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100310213039AAZGCV6

Now I'm wondering if maybe just one foot is wider?
It's actually very adjectives.
Yes. It is also adjectives for one foot to be longer than the other
The insulting person below obviously does not know hugely many people. I bet he believes both his ears are exactly one and the same size as well as exactly the same rise from his shoulders.
Sure it`s possible...resembling if an elephant or even a horse steps on your foot-or a piano lands on it, or a bulldozer rolls over it - I bet you that foot will be wider than your other foot. Source(s): Don`t listen to those "comforters" above me, it is not common at all, I enjoy never heard of it nor seen it within my life - If it was "terrifically common" I would have. It`s like dictum that crossed eyes are "very common"...Sure wouldn`t want to be in your 2 DIFFERENT sized shoes...
its not uncommon for something like this to begin so ya don't trip about it. it looks like it too...

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