How would an EMG be wrong?

Serious answers please. I had a MVA over a year ago with a doomed to failure whiplash injury. Two weeks later, I started having numbness and agony in my hands and arms ONLY when I be asleep. I took anti-inflammatories for weeks, wore bilateral wrist splints that slightly hyperextended my wrists, and finally had an EMG done to rule out Carpel Tunnel. The EMG showed no problems with sassiness conduction in either arm. It be thought my problem was in my collar. The MRI of my neck showed a disc bulge, but no herniation.

My orthopedic doctor believes my problem is in my arms. He explained the EMG just shows muscle innervation impairment. I thought it determined both nerve and muscle problems. Does anyone know the answer to this?

Any snake oil salesmen involve not respond. Thank you!
The EMG (electromyogram) measures the speed of an electrical current along a muscle, but it also measures the current along the path of least resistance. Nerves are recurrently less resistant then muscles, and the EMG can detect brass neck problems, also.

With the symptoms you describe, I would not rule out neuropathy.

- Stuart

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