How do you know if you broke your ankle or sprained it ?

A pole from our railing fell off and landed on the stairs, and I didn't know that... so when I stepped down, my right leg character of went in adjectives sorts of directions and now it hurts like hell.
My not here leg bent behind it like I be kneeling, that didn't hurt until I realized that I get a huge cut/skid on my leg... and I accidently got skin peeled sour my my ankle of my left leg...

With my right leg, I can't walk, and I can't stand while putting a bit of immensity on it.
It feels like someone is sticking a pole surrounded by my leg and trying to break the bones.
I have a doctors appointment already for Monday, and I told my mom that I want to go for x-rays when I'm done my appointment.
My ankle nouns hurts a lot... and I can't tell if it's broken or not.
I don't devise my mom truly knows how much this hurts... so she's saying that I'm fake it or something.
I've done something like this before, and I've feel pain like this since, I think it's on the same leg too.
I twisted my ankle within front of a liquor store before... and that was pretty mortifying and it hurt like hell also. I couldn't walk for 3 days and we have a family reunion that weekend, I missed out on a lot.
I be hoping that maybe someone could tell me what happen to it... just in defence my mom won't let me go for x-rays, I can ask my Grandma to help yourself to me...
I have found that if you can't put weight on your foot and it have swolen and is black and blue then you have broken it ok. right luck with that nice warm plaster of paris. hope i help you. Source(s): broke my ankle twice.
If you put pressure on a sprained ankle, it should touch a bit better. If you put pressure on a broken ankle, it should hurt a heck of a whole lot more. Also, if it's deformed (not just swollen) it could be a right sign that it's broken. I hope you feel better soon. I know how it feels resembling to have a mother who thinks you're fake it.
I missed one step at a restaurant and did the same thing. There be a doctor there who looked at it ans said, "It's probably a very discouraging spain. Unfortunately, you'll have to get an x-ray to confirm." It be a horrible sprain - at least if it were broken, I could hold gotten a walking cast.
The lump on top of my foot be as big as a pear.

Bottom line: if ice doesn't comfort the pain and the swelling, you have to capture an x-ray!
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If you can't stand on your foot or put any pressure what-so-ever on your foot, then it's probably broken.
Get off of here and travel to the ER right now. The longer you wait the worst it's gonna be to fix it. If it's started to treat and it's broken, the doctors will have to rebrake your foot and start over. Source(s): medical professional 25yrs.
You really need to go the hospital ER today and hold all you injuries checked out.
The sooner you get treatment the sooner you are going to get the impression better.
The only way to variety sure that it's broken or not is to get an x-ray, unless you have a hunk of bone sticking out. Since you hold an appointment, you should discuss your concerns with your Doctor and have him address your concerns near your mother, that's if you can wait that long. Personally, I would want to have it taken contemplation of sooner. You could have some complications if you wait for too long. Good luck.
If it were broken. you would have severe strain, it would be extremely hard or impossible to rotate your ankle or wiggle your toes, near would be swelling, bruising and you might be able to feel a bump on the bone. Even if it's a sprain, you might hold torn ligaments which require treatment. I hope you check it out with a doctor as soon as you can. Elevate it and put ice on it for ten minutes every hour and pocket ibuprofen or tylenol for pain.

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