I fell and my ribs hurt what did I do to them?

Monday of last week I was walking pay for from the gym to go to homeroom, and I slipped and fell on the wet stairs. I smacked my put money on on the edge of one stair, and it left a stain. Ever since then the right side of my ribs have feel... just plain odd. And, whenever I crow and cough they hurt a little bit. I told my parents and they said it's just sore but I don't believe them. Did I crack one or something? Help me please! What should I do? I own gym class tomorrow and I took a day off by not wearing my gym shoes final week. And I'm afraid I might make my ribs feel worse. :(

I'm sorry if this is surrounded by the wrong section.
You broke or fractured your rib. (a break and a fracture both mean the same) The treatment is zilch. I broke four of my ribs in a car happenstance and it hurt like a mother after the third day. I'm assuming yours rib fracture did alike thing. It hurts to laugh and it hurts to filch a deep breath. It hurts when you try to get up from a sitting position. Of course adjectives of these things may you inhale and exhale so therefore it hurts because you're moving your lungs which make your rib enclose move. It takes about three weeks for the rib fracture backache to start to go away. Sorry but it just take time. Like I said there's nothing to do for them but wait it out. Obviously no sports of any loving. Source(s): work in orthopaedics Mass General Hospital Boston
I'd go to gym, and if they start hurting transmit your parents. you might have dislocated them or cracked one.

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