How long should a broken bone hurt if it is contained by a classify?

The doctors think I have broken the radius bone surrounded by my wrist, but because it was around where the growth plate is they weren't sure (I'm 16), but casted it because adjectives the symptoms of a fracture were there. I've have the cast on for about a week and a partially and my wrist feels fine. The swelling has gone down so the type is a little loose and I can move my wrist a little. It still hurts to move my wrist from side to side. Could the doctors hold made a mistake, or do broken bones stop hurting? Please help?
Your wrist is a very complicated piece of machinery. There's plentifully going on there, and there are injuries that are not easy to diagnose because they can't see everything. Broken bones can hurt a lot while they're healing. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. can also be injured and can hurt similar to hell when you move them. And this can take a long time to heal, longer than the six weeks or so the stereotype might be on.

I broke my ulna in a car accident--I be resting my elbow on the windowsill when I was hit from the side and my elbow went through the windowpane. I had an operation to put a titanium strap to hold the bone together while it healed. They put the arm surrounded by a splint, not a cast, and I had to lug off the splint every day and move the arm through its full list of motion 20 times, both bending the elbow and rotating the wrist. OMG, did that hurt! (But it was nice to get the damn splint stale!) Over time it hurt less. The Dr. explained that I'd done a lot more weaken than just breaking the bone. Everything else would heal by itself but it would thieve time. It took about a year or 18 months to heal completely. And that be just my elbow, a wrist would be even worse.

So just be merciful, follow doctors' orders, try to deal beside the pain as best you can.
no the doctors didnt make a mistake. i just broke my wrist in actual fact a month and a half ago and it still hurts a little bit when its moved smartly or in certain ways. if you broke a bone, it will hurt for a while...a short time ago broke a bone! its not going to feel fitting!
it wont hurt much..
Take some tylenol and go to sleep
No I would say it be probably broken, and depending on the severity of the break some can hurt years after you break it or never properly heal even. Fortunately yours should be fine,give it until something like 6 weeks after and it should not hurt too much after that. Note it will hurt at first when you start using it again.
about the in one piece day
About 1 day/24 hours.

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