Coccyx Tailbone Hurts For No Reason?

I'm 20 year old male and out of the blue the bottom module of my tailbone, the Coccyx I believe, started to hurt when I sat down or stood up. It also hurts to the touch.

I have not fall or done anything to cause it to hurt it and it's been going on close to this for about 2 weeks now.

I own never had pain on the bottom part of a set of my tailbone before in my go.

I did go to the Chiropractor 1 month ago, but I don't know if he messed up my tailbone some how, because it started to hurt 2 weeks after I went to him.

Why ?
Being a manipulate therapist, I see a lot of clients beside pain in strange areas for no justification. Lol. However, there are many muscle attachments surrounded by that area and major self-confidence groups. If either are inflammed or sore it can cause cramp near bone (attachment site). You can try using cold or hot compresses and see if either help the soreness. Another possible cause is a cyst. Hair follicles in the gluteal cleft can get hold of infected and cause a cyst. Even though you dont have a lump but, deep tissues on top of the coccyxl/sacral region can carry inflammed and sore to touch and eventually develop into cyst (family member experienced this and had troubles sitting a week prior to cyst development). In any case, I suggest you keep an eye on it for the subsequent couple of days. Try cold compress or heat compress. Remember, pain is a symptom of something one "off" in your body. If no improvement, see your doctor. :)

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