Why does this bruise still exist?

Early last month, I hit my shin really hard, and it be super painful and sensitive like every other bruise. It's be more than a month and the bruise is still not gone and is still sensitive. I thought they were supposed to disappear within 2 weeks or so. What happen? What should I do?
You may own bruised the bone, which means it isnt just a rejular bruise, it is to the bone, so it will appropriate much longer to heal...God Bless!
i bruised my tailbone snowboarding one time and it lasted for 2 months. i devise it just depends on how bad you hurt that fragment of your body.
I bruise happens because you broke the blood vesels... that's exactly what it is. It's like you burst a pipe and what comes out is blood, which make that wierd color under your skin. From your profile picture, I assume that you are pale close to me, and I take forever to get rid of briuses too. The defence they last so long, compared to other people, is because when the skin is lighter, you can see through it more, classification that you can see the blood that came from the "burst". That's all. You own to wait for that blood to seep it's channel back down into the veins back the bruise will go away. The harder you hit something, the larger the burst will be, the larger the bruise will be, and the longer the bruise will last. That's newly the way that it is. I still have bruises on me from finishing month as well. You are not alone!
you may have broken the blood vessels
~durga asura
Average of 2 weeks. Sometimes they take longer for plentiful many reasons.

Not much to do but keep on. Though I've heard of some remedies that are said to help procure rid of bruises.

One said to use a comb on the bruise (combing over the skin while pressing down a bit). I think this is supposed to help circulate the blood a bit better but may just help fresh bruises.
There is less circulating blood surrounded by the skin just in front of your shin. It take longer for the coagulated blood to dissipate there.
You may want to address to your Dr. to make sure you don't need to bring iron. Do you smoke? If so that can make them last alot longer than commonplace.
You're right...
it should have disappeared by in a minute...

It may just be a really deep bruise, but very soon you should go see a doctor. It's been to long.
You may be anemic.

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