Can I fix a broken finger after it is heal but crooked?

I broke my finger about 2 months ago. It is now crooked and it hurts if i accidentally a moment ago tap it off something.Can it be fixed in a minute so the pain will go away? If so do you know how to do it? Thank you.
too belated, it is already fixed.
Yes: re-break finger, splint in proper orientation. Best done at hospital.
yes. see a doctor, he will break it again and set it in a splint approaching you probably should have done the first time around
Not unless you want to re-brake it and do it right :( i'm sorry honey, my fingers are all crooked too.
It may or may not be covered by insurance depending on how it's classified--cosmetic or compulsory and recommended by a doctor. Whatever you do, don't do it yourself. You'd have to break it and reset it and there's no way you can reset it properly yourself. Unfortunately those bones are bare and fragile-it may never come out the way you want. Source(s): Shut my own hand surrounded by a door hinge.

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