Losing my fingernail. What should I do?

A couple of months ago I really mashed my middle finger in a metal financial guarantee gate, but only at the foot of the finger. Finally I've reached the point where more than partially of my fingernail is loose, but because my finger was at an angle, there's still a triangle of skin where the ripened fingernail is still attached.

Should I just keep putting a lint over the loose fingernail so it doesn't snag on anything and wait until it's fully loose? Is there anyway to speed things up (Can I soak my finger surrounded by something, for example)? Or should I cut away the loose fingernail, except for the triangle that's still attached? Or...?
In 2008 I caught my thumb in a car door and the fingernail be black and there was a blood clot underneath it and it looked really, really wrong.

When i saw the doctor he said simply cover it up with a bandage, because it will plunge out in it's own time. When it did fall out (after 4-5 months), it be still growing and hurt quite a bit. It took a really long time to heal 100% correctly, but when it did it be alright.

Don't cut away the fingernail, your body has a way of therapeutic itself, let your body do it's job. Cover it and tolerate it be, the new fingernail is growing under it and disturbing the current fingernail can wound the growing fingernail, trust me that's not something you want because it will look disgusting.

Just let it be and cover it up Source(s): Experince

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