How do you break your own foot?

i really need some time away from school so i be thinking that i could fall down my school stairs really strong. and i want a cat and crutches. so...
oh wow... :S some people though still turn to school with crutches..but yeh if you plummet down the staris you might probably break something and get time off institution :L
Ummm ouch. This is one of those weird question but I'll give you an answer anyways. Just take a sledge hammer or something and smash it against your foot. You can also just simply break a toe. You need adjectives 10 toes to walk. If one is broken, you can't walk at adjectives. I broke my pinky toe when I was 8 and when I tried to get up, I would purely fall down. To break a toe, just rob one and bend it really hard I guess.

Good luck??
Your plan has a few flaws in it=

1)If they find out your injuries be self-inflicted you'll end up in the Psychiatric Ward next to a head full of Thorazine and your hands tied to the bed, man force fed baby food through an NG tube, and not human being able to even take a crap minus some huge Aide glaring at you like a hawk. (This happened to my sister's friend, who broke her own wrist purposeful to try and get out of her Final exams)

2) If you miss school, weeks at a time, you'll miss closely of classwork and end up being gone back a year, and everyone will be a year younger than you and think you be left back because you're Retarded.

3) You'd be surprised how intricate it is to injure yourself. You'd have to do more than dive down the stairs, stuntmen do that all the time and they don't bring back hurt. You'd need a bad saloon accident and you're more likely to finale up in a wheelchair or something.

School is temporary. Don't risk ruining the rest of your enthusiasm just to get out of a few weeks of it, which even that you'll really pay cheque for, like I mentioned in #2. If you're so strung out see a college councelor and tell them why you feel that means of access. You're not the first kid to ever hate school, near are solutions here that you may find acceptable that don't involve you screaming in cramp, the back of an ambulance.
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