Can't bend my finger?

I was playing basketball yesterday and the ball hit my finger funny. Earlier today I couldn't bend or straighten it. It also turned purple-ish and swelled up after went down. Now it doesn't hurt as bad (it's be in a splint and i have taken advil) and isn't fairly as swollen but I physically cannot bend it... it's kind of scary... it also hurts to touch where on earth it was purple earlier (a.k.a. my middle knuckle of my ring finger) Should I move about to the doctor?
use rime to control the inflammation, it might be a sprained ligament, it is stiff because of the inflammation, the area sorrounding your knucles is tight due the presence of excess fluids. the splint was placed to stop the joint so that the damage tissues can restore to health faster. so, don't try to bend it. injuries like that needs time for beneficial, dont rush, but still you have to go to a doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.
I play netball seriously a lot and im always breaking my fingers, since they own been broken so many times.
if the swelling come up straight away it normally indicates that your finger was lately jared, but if the swelling and purplishh colour came up over a little length of time, this can indicate that it is broken, especially if you cannot bend it.
when i break my fingers, it doesn't always hurt, it depends on the person, but adjectives the doctors will do is have it xrayed it to confirm the break, and then simply put in it in a splint and ask you to depart from it like that for 2 weeks - there isnt much else they can do next to a broken finger.
i recommend just doing that, and as you become more comfortable with it, lately slowly start tryin got bend it again.
i hope that helped.
you broke ur finger...which probably cause the swelling

but im no yeah lol you should go to one!
same thing happen to me as well. basketball's dangerous lol : )

i have the same symptoms as you and was told that psyche torn a ligament in my finger. if i were you i would splint it for a few weeks as the treatment for devastate to fingers is always strapping them up cos theres not a lot else you can really do.

product sure you treat it properly. not to scare you or anything but i never did anything to treat mine, just departed it and carried on using it. now i cant fully straighten my finger because when my finger wouldnt straighten i just departed it bent and the ligament repaired itself too tightly. my finger is also twisted as well because it wasnt splinted.

but... take well brought-up care of it and youll be fine : ) Source(s): me and my weird finger lol.
It probably is a sprain. If it's not distorted, crooked or pointing at your brother when you're not looking, it's probably not broken, especially since the swelling have gone down. If there's no fever at the site and the swelling has lessened even further by morning, I'd simply baby it for a week or so.

If it's more swollen tomorrow, if it gets red and hot, or you own red streaks going up your arm, head to the doctor immediately.

If you're a minor, homily to your parents about it. They have the final verdict, since it's their insurance. Talk to your dad before your mom. Moms freak out.
I did duplicate thing and its a sprain. Go to the doctor to make sure its not broken but your taking charge of it very well.
YES! even the joint can be "broken". My daughter closed the car door on my pinky twice contained by a week and a half. Urgent care said not to verbs and didn't even splint it, cuz the xray was negative for a bone break. Now I cannot fully extend it , it's for always crook'd. The orthopedist said I'll have to wear a brace at night for a month or so, to slowly break it for a while each night till it'll stay straight.

If solitary I'd gone to an orthopedist right away!
yea ive seen this and hear of this alot... i hope you like casts
I would voice it's probably broke.
go to a doctor

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