Neck injury this morning- really hurts, cannot move to one side. Help please!?

This morning on my way into school, I slipped on the icy floor simply inside the door of the building and caught myself from falling. However, this really hurt my neck, with sharp, shooting pains from the nape down into my shoulder- it be on my left side only. By the time I get to the nurse's office, I could not put my head straight up, and 3 hours following I still can't. Everytime I try there is severe (and I'm no baby when it comes to pain) shooting pains that ending, and so my head must remain almost completely to one side, just over my right shoulder. It is constantly sore, even after max amounts of ibuprofen. I have a doctor's appointment for later but am not sure if they are competent adequate to reach an answer.

What's going on here?
it happened because of the approach you fell. the muscles tightened up really tight or my have been twisted for a time bit. you've just strained them a bit. i did the same item a few years back. my neck be stuck to one side because of the pain.
i would use a heating wipe or wet a hand towel and place within on a plate and microwave for a couple minutes. be careful when you take it out! it will be hot, and it should not be dripping but pretty humidity. place another towel on your neck and the hot towel on your neck.
next to this treatment, my pain was gone mostly within 24 hours, completely in 48.
lie down and relax! it really help!
go back to the doctor is the headache is too severe to handle! Source(s): personal experience
Since you slipped and caught yourself, I bet you wrenched your neck, tearing ligaments or muscles cause a soft tissue injury, sort of like a whiplash..a cold pak, then grill, then cold then grill. the best thing you can do is get a heat pad and put it on your neck for thirty minutes and consequently cold or rest for forty five, then heat, later off and continue for as long as it take to feel better. You may want to get a soft collar to maintain your head supported whil it heals. Dont over do the ibupropen, it can opening up your stomach, just take it effortless.and it should heel in a week or so... max ten days...
I'm not a Doctor , but i have had collar problems for alot of years. It sounds like you may be experiencing something like beat Lash. Either that or you dislocated a vertebra in your neck which can be hugely painful. Either way you really requirement to see a Doctor. Good Luck
I wouldn't go to see a doctor I didn't focus was competent, but that's just me. You might want to try a chiropractor and squeeze therapist.
First of all, you must be sure that it is your muscle the one surrounded by pain, easy to know, use your mitt and finger press it, if this hurts, then your muscle got stretched really ferociously during your fall. It happens, and it is sort of adjectives on such falls.
Forget about seeing a chiropractor, they are not trained for this stuff. This is also not a whiplash effect result, whiplash effect occurs mostly contained by car accidents and requires your commander to go violently from one side to the in front of at least two times (forward and then backwards).
This is not a dislocated vertebra any, if it was then some place surrounded by your spine would hurt badly and at all times.
A physiotherapist is the most indicated proffesional to look after you on this event.
So far, you may want to try this:
You need to stretch your muscle, very slowly and calmly, may hurt a little, but try to do this as gently as it to breed you uncomfortable, avoiding pain.
First, squeeze, with the opposite appendage, the muscle all along, using your finger tips as if they walked along it. Do this for a minute.
A reheat (bit hotter than warm) waterbag for five minutes previously may help a bit.
Next start stretching the muscle by tilting your head towards the conflicting side of your muscle, do this as if bouncing your head (like a basketball but really gently and softly), so that your muscle will stretch and final again, then stretch and back again and so. Do this for another minute.
After that, start moving your come first in like drawing a circle above you near your forehead. Also this must be done slowly and gently for about another minute.
Finally, again next to the opposite hand, manipulate your muscle again, now pressing one side with your fingers and the contrary side with your thumb. Start from up the muscle and go downwards (towards your heart). Your fingers and thumb also must do this as if they walk along the muscle... always towards your heart.

This excercise will take going on for five minutes, or ten if you use the hot waterbag previously (not as hot as to burn your skin). Repeat this every two hours. By the end of the day your distress will be very little and you'll be able to tilt your organizer towards the opposite side. Every time you repeat the excercise try to tilt your head a bit further than on the previous set of excercises.
No want for medication at all, unless the pain right in a minute is so bad that you want a pain executioner. If so, don't use paracetamol or Tylenol (same thing), get a different one, tylenol has more effect on disorientation and very little effect as a pain slayer.
Good luck.
Regards, Lifeguard.
college school? if so do u enjoy a health center with physical psychiatric therapist you can go to (for treatment) they had one at my college (13 years ago) and it help Alot becuase it was on campus.
if high arts school. :( yeah go to your doc did you tell your parents what happen?. u will probably get a muscle relaxer and refered to physical therapy. sleep beside a towel rolled up (on your neck for support) or a good pillow and massage will help..
i had that spasm for a long time after a car accident its a stabbing sharp backache that will take 1 side and make you touch lopsided. try something like ben gay (salonpos ) patches will abet as well (they are like ben gay but within a patch)
you should be ok in a few weeks your muscle probably is just really sore.. they hold those ice packs/hot packs that can backing as well. (some you microwave, some u put in the freezer) try those..
right luck!
soak in a HOT bath and if you know a flawless friend who does massages that will help... pious luck
You should take a washcloth and showery it with hot water, not too hot but as hot as you can pedal and put it on the side of your nexk that hurts. This should help relax the muscle. Keep using warm, moist steam until you see your doctor. Hope you feel better.

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