I stabbed my foot and immediately it hurts too much. What should I do?

I accidentally pushed my left hand down onto a toothpick that be sitting upright on the carpet. It stabbed through give or take a few half a centimeter on the inside of my index finger right above where the finger starts to extend out of the appendage. This has happened numerous times up to that time, but never with the symptoms I'm getting now. The nouns around the wound is cold and blue and significantly swollen. The finger is half bent and it won't move; it hurts when I try to move it. The pain have extended down to my palm and every time I try to move it, something inside feels like it is human being tugged on. It is causing severe discomfort. I showed it to my father, and he said to disregard it, but I am in extreme discomfort right now. What is happening to me, and what can I do to relieve the dull pain? Going to the doctor is not an option as I do not have form care.
oh OUCH! if there is a red line down your arm you hold blood poisoning. Call a doctor or look it up on the internet. put ice on it. do everything you can.
budge to the Er it sounds like you might have hit the courage endings thats causing the pulling sensation. what i would do is go to the Er. I do not care more or less health care or not this is a event of your finger. im sure have broke your finger and also disconnected or ripped some of the muscle tissue aswell as injuring the nerve ending in the tip of your finger. Really there is no home remedy for it. the lone thing is to go to the Er wher they can do a hasty fixup.

Dr. Kurohiko.

Dr. as in PhD Source(s): ~~**Trauma Surgeon**~~
you could have tetanus which is caused by puncture wounds. so if going to the doctor is not an opportunity, you might end up pretty messed up. Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetanus
same entity happened to me! i was cleaning out my dog's playpen when he be a puppy, and i had the scissor in near and i wasn't paying attention and it stabbed into me, i didn't feel it any, then i got up and i said " mom.. i ruminate i cut myself " she was like " you give attention to!?! " i had to be rushed to the pediatrician, and i got 3 staples.. didn't hurt exceedingly much.. but it was a pain afterward.. because it hurt and moved out a rather large defacement
Infected probably. So what if you don't own health care? Would you a bit lose your hand? Go see a doctor.
Sounds resembling you may have done some tendon or bottle damage. It's definitely bruised.

Health thought or not, you need to see a doctor to get it deal with - if you've torn the tendon or something worse, you may want stitches or a splint to help rejuvenate it.

I'm just curious... "This have happened numerous times before" ??
Is your place made of toothpicks?
clean it throughly! and maybe you simply hit a vein..yeah that sounds painfull.take approaching 5 advils..not tylenol..that **** thins your blood, makes u bleed more
Chances are you any hit a nerve or it is infected. If its a nerve you involve to see a doctor, health care or not. If its infected try some peroxide. If this have happened numerous times I would suggest stop dropping your tooth picks on the carpet. Stop putting your hand on the carpet, which would suggest you are on all fours. Who know why? And finally stop being retarded!
GO to doctor and get a tetanus shot ! really! DOCTOR IS A OPTION jump to county hosp Source(s): wisdom of NOMAD GO!
Well you might have to see a doctor because if it is badly infected you might hold gangrene and then it will only be a issue of time before your finger just dies... If you say aloud that it's getting cold, then it sounds like that's the travel case... SEE A DOCTOR!
go to the doctor it doesn't concern if you have health nurture or not.
This happened to me before. A little bit of the toothpick go into my hand and broke off.

Long story short, they have to amputate. It's hard to cut steak with one appendage :(

Sorry my friend. Careful with that carpet subsequent time.
you may have gotten hep B or somthing i would be in motion to your docor!
Try not typing so much to start with that might oblige. If your family doesn't take you to a doctor your kinda screwed on option. Hope it heals and if it gets worse verbs to tell you family so they take in.
you probably hit a nerve in your finger. if it's still that impossible in the morning, if you're in hs or college, since you don't enjoy insurance, go to the school nurse - she'll know how to give you a better idea as to whether or not you have need of to be seen by a doctor - if she thinks so, and you don't walk, you could end up with enduring nerve damage and/or a severe infection.
Stub your toe, then you'll forget roughly speaking your finger.

Just kidding.

Was the toothpick fully intact when you pulled it out of your finger? There may be a splinter still in nearby.
Ok I don't know what your mama's cookin' but you throw the tooth picks away okay honey? If it stays like that for a while I really focus you should find some way to go to the doctor, if not ask someone you know for comfort, because you can never be sure.
Go to the emergency room. It sounds approaching you have an infection or cellulitis that will only receive worse without antibiotics. A hospital will treat you without insurance.
Ice it. Put some ointment and a nouns aid on it and you will be fine!
jezz i don't know, perchance go to the HOSPITAL! just a suggestion!

Tell your father to shove his comments up where on earth the sun don't shine since he is not a doctor and take on the bill!
i really think you inevitability to see a doctor .the other thing is some hospital have a Sliding extent in witch if your a low in come and don't hold health insurance they will charge you very markedly low also there maybe some one at the hospital that can facilitate you get Medicaid for you and your family or try social services for abet . i really hope your ok one other thing if you go to the ER they must treat you
visit the nearest pharmacy they will diagnose it you and they will not charge you
your father told you to "disregard it?" What does that mean? Forget the horrible torment you are in?.Can't see how that could be done/

Seems like you obligation a trip to the Er..like..now
First thing, stop typing??

Anyway, wash it beside an anti-bacterial soap, dry it well, apply Neosporin liberally on the wound and don't use it. Just relax. You'll be fine. Give it a few days.
Can you upload a picture? It'll make it easier to diagnose.
Unfortunately for you, seeing a doctor seems like the most sensible pick at this moment. Think about it: Would you rather loose a finger or a some money? You can work for money. You can't take another finger.
emergency room. they treat you with or without condition care
It may be infected. Unless you want to do a mediocre, self-treatment and take the risk of losing your appendage, I suggest you go to the emergency room. They will treat you, regardless of health contemplation or not.

And why the hell are there tooth picks on your floor?

PS: Don't listen to the idiot that told you to take 5 Advil tablets. Unless you want to decimate yourself, I suggest you do not take his advice.
Definitely move about the the ER immediately. It sounds like you may hold punctured a vein. If this goes untreated you could possibly lose that finger.

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