My arm muscle hurts after doing pushups?

my arm muscle hurts after doing quite a lot of pushups, is it something i should verbs about? should i ignore the affliction and continue doing pushups?
That mechanism you are doing it right! Go until you feel a burn and then do 5 more. you could do a few sets similar to that. Don't just target on area of your body though because huge pecs and itty bitty legs and biceps look funny :)
Well, I workout like mad myself. The old saying is that if at hand is no pain, there is no gain. Having backache is ok, the pain you are feeling is the result of using muscles on a spanking new level and your muscles actually start to shred a little, the protein you eat is what replaces the tears and rips after working out. When your muscles repair themselves, this is when the muscles procure larger and more defined, it has to replenish the tears and such. The feeling the subsequent day is the result of lactic acid contained by the muscles which causes pain. NEVER and I repeat NEVER! work out like muscles each day. You will in fact cause more damage than perfect because your muscles can not heal fully and can actually generate results of "larger muscles" take longer and in some cases, gross them smaller. A good thing to do to regain muscles hasty and fast healing of your muscles is to put away high protein diets, like eggs and meat. The white part of the egg is the protein part and the pale has its benefits but can be fattening. Protein shakes are good also, similar to Whey Protein. If you are like me and can not stand the "substance" garbage taste stuff called Milk (lol, I hate Milk), or make you throw up sicker than a dog (also like me if I drink Milk) 30 minutes later, procure what is called, "rice protein", the stuff I get is contained by a Black Container. The high protein diet will allow your muscles to actually make well quicker and gain more muscles quickly. It takes a while and it does appropriate determination and a sense of never giving up. Gaining muscle does not happen over night, it does embezzle time. Again, the pain is normal, it is also said that if you consistency pain, you worked to hard, this is true, but, if you touch pain it is normal, if you have a feeling it for more than a day or two after working that set of muscles, you worked to hard, or you are not ingestion enough protein likely. A virtuous thing to do (what I do) is to do Abs and legs one day and the subsequent day do your upper body, like arms and such. I usually do 2 sets of respectively exercises with 8-14 repititions in respectively set you do. Kinda depends on how tired you are that day I suppose. ALWAYS! a warm up and a cool down past and after you work out, if you do not do this, ya, for sure you are going to feel pain then on. Check online for some good stretches, hard to explain them adjectives in details, lol. If you feel a stretching torment in your muscles when stretching, then you are stretching that muscles within particular. I strecth between each set I do, formerly and after, and I do some treadmill stuff on a bike and such to burn calories. Hope this helps.

The Pauper.
thats normal- just keep it up- theyll stop hurtin at some point
muscle soreness is adjectives after doing a particularly taxing workout.
but NEVER ignore what your body is describing you. after a few sets and when you feel your arms start to become sore, stop, take a break, and try drinking some marine to replenish what you've burned up during the workout.
dont worry, its natural, but try to not over do it and back up hurting yourself.
Make sure you stretch your muscles after you work out them! This will back pain in the adjectives also. Make sure you aren't doing them too fast, doing them slower actually works your muslces better
muscle failure (good thing, muscles break down, restore to health, get stronger), dont do muscle failure on same muscle 2 days within a row, in the military we did muscle failure every other year, and ran the other ones. stop working out the muscle apon reaching muscle failure
you are doing too much push ups .i think you are a beginner .so you should not do it too much .you should jump step by should not worry about it but it is not a good way at all .for better results you should do it 10 a morning for 1 st week then when your body is well adequate to take the load next make it15 & go this course
Which arm muscle are you speaking of? If its your shoulders that hurt you may want to embezzle it easy for a while. Shoulder injuries are the most common and are no fun
That's the point of doing pushups.

If you hurt after doing them - that's good. It'll dance away in a day or two. The first time you do that features of thing (after a long time of not).it'll be pretty sore too.

What's happening when it's sore is that your muscles are rebuilding itself..stronger. It's count muscle, so next time you can do those same pushups (and more). It's good for your body.
are you kid? of course doing exercise is going tear down and build support up your muscle. Being sore is part of the process
spend 20 bucks, procure the perfect pushup. because doing regular pushups create a lot of strain within your wrists.
No your muscles just tired. You need to tired it out to work it out fam.
This is normal and of late tells you that the push ups are doing what they're suppose to be doing. Nothing to worry in the region of. You shouldn't really ignore it, because your body is telling you that its getting close to is control. In reality, do the push ups till you can't actually push yourself pay for up again.

When you work you're actually tearing the muscle tissue, (which is why you obtain sore most of the time after working out) then, as your body heals itself it repairs that echelon and actually puts on another, thus eventually making your muscles bigger.

To help beside the pain you can either put away something (with protein, or have a protein drink) which will help next to the repair and the soreness, and it will also help to build the muscle faster. Or just hold a pain reliever if its really bothering you THAT much, but really, it'll go away contained by an hour or so, at most.

Hope this helps :D Source(s): Personal knowledge
just work through it, as long as they are just ache and not sharp shooting pains I reckon you'll be alright.
The arm muscles gets tightened up.Ignore and verbs.

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