How reliable are x rays, do they other show hairline fractures?

I think i may have fractured my 5th metatarsal, i dropped a pot bowl on it yesterday at breakfast and in a minute its swollen, purple looking and im finding it difficult to move, is there much point in going to a & e today for resembling 4 hours just to tell me its not broken and to rest it?

It really hurts and its be 24 hours does a fracture ALWAYS show on x ray because knowing my luck it wouldn't show and i'd enjoy to go back within 3 weeks again.

Btw this happened with my wrist up to that time they said it was broken, sent me home, then 2 week after that, went back and be a scapfoid fracture - apparntly very common, simply wondering if it was possible not to show up at first anywhere else in the body?

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It is possible to miss a hairline fracture on an Xray. The view may be taken from just the wrong angle or the personality reviewing the film could miss it
go to a doctor immediately. What caring of question is that? Would you risk amputation in armour a blood vessel broke and somehow an infection started?

Hairline fractures are invisible for the untrained eye. But that does not mean they are pointless. Even if a doctor can't see it on the X ray, within are other tests and exams and they will give you proper treatment.

Alternatively, basically stay home and let us know how it goes three weeks from in a minute... without any medical care.
Go to A&E, they will advise you on how to manage your foot whether or not you enjoy broken anything.

If the bone is not displaced it can be difficult to find a hairline fracture sometimes if the angle doesn't show it well. It sometimes shows up better after a few weeks because the healing process shows up more clearly than the inventive fracture.
its the doctor looking at the x ray ,if hes capable to read an x streak , with so many fractures missed it make you wonder if they know what they are looking at
Probably worth have it looked at, but that's up to you. A&E is usually quieter in the mornings when all the overnight drunks, druggies and nutters own been dealt near.

It'd feel sore, be swollen and discoloured anyway if you had merely bruised your toe badly. It may or may not show up on an x-ray.

In any case, the treatment at hospital if it's not out of alignment would probably be lately strapping it to the next toe by way of a splint.

You could sustain yourself by keeping your foot up as much as possible and apply ice, a bag of frozen peas is handy here. Wear stiff-soled shoes or boots for support.
X-rays are only as devout as the people reading them. They can also be a bit blurred if there is abundantly of soft tissue swelling which is why a second X-ray a few days later can be clearer.
It is possible that until you are moving it profusely more, a few days after the injury, that it wouldn't show.
capably, provided the radiographer takes the xray correctly -with good positioning etc, and the radiologist looks guardedly it will be difficult to not detect a fracture. however, if it is a hairline fracture they are much more difficult to see but the radiologists should be able to see it as they have special computer screen to view the images. i would stir to a&e because you dont want the possibility of walking around with a broken bone that you dont know about.
btw, you hold 8 bones in your wrist, your scaphoid is one of them, so before you did break your wrist, but specifically you broke your scaphoid. they will hold asked you to go back 2 weeks latter to check that your scaphoid is healing because sometimes the blood supply to this bone can be destroyed when you fracture it and so the bone will die! good luck Source(s): student radiographer
X-Rays are only one of heaps tools used by the doctors. Remember that they ask you questions and they usually feel the bone too.

If the doctor is stupid ample to miss something as basic as a simple fracture (yes, it's in adjectives their expensive training manuals) - that is their fault, and you should brand your feelings known.

If you don't close to waiting - take a long book with you.

Why are you grousing here anyway? It doesn't nouns life threatening. It's up to you if you want to go to A & E and bother the nurses.

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