I only just get my finger smacked down by a mouse trap and it's swelling?

it hurt so bad, but i don't think it broke anything, but it's swelling
Ouch! Wrap your finger within a bag of ice to hold on to the swelling down.
I think possibly that you just need to put a rucksack of something cold over your finger (bag of peas ect) and just relax it and try not to lift anything next to it. If its not better in a few days then I don`t know see a doctor or phone up the NHS helpline !!
Hope this helps and your finger gets better Source(s): Very apt at Medical things
You probably broke or fractured your finger. Mouse traps are designed to brake the mouse's neck. Go to Intensive Care, not the ER.
aaww! do want some cheese to cheer you up? lol wut wer u doing with the mouse trap anyway? wer u just trying to set it up, or r u resembling my teenage brother and his friends?
srry, jst trying 2 add sum humor to the situation, or include insult to your injury. lol
damn i know cheese is good but you dont need it that impossible lol CHEESE!! ITS WHATS FOR DINNER
Your fine, freshly put some ice on it for a while. Not too long though, since frostbite could occur. Just hold on to icing it until the swelling stops. It's just bruised.
Get your appendage in ice and angle it.
Depending on movement get an x-ray, but the ice should numb the spasm!
Bet the mouse is laughing!
good luck!
you I don`t know should rinse it in warm hose for a few minutes and then put a rag and an rime pack on it. That should reduce the swelling at least. Source(s): Medical nureses
I know this sounds painful, but it doesn't hurt at all.
Growing up I smashed my finger next to a hammer trying to hang a picture on a wall, and my Dad (being a nurse...guy nurse.iknow.lol) He took a double act of pliers and put the needle in the pliers, later heated the needle over the stove top until it was red and poked it thru my pin to let out the pressure.
Now, i would definitely progress ask some one else to do this, but it totally worrks!
Don't watch as the needle pokes thru, blood comes out!
But really you don't perceive it, but make sure the needle is red
Then put rime on it afterwards
can you move your fingers abundantly? if you cant, put a popsicle stick inbetween the finger and wrack it with the athletic tape.
grab an ice pack and a washcloth or something to wrap it within asap... slap it around your finger, and if nothing is broken (which it probably isnt, from a mousetrap)... then you'll be fine :)
Put some ice on it. It will keep the swelling down, I reckon.
rime it and take Tylenol for the pain

if it still hurts tomorrow (as fruitless or worse than today) then make an appt next to your doctor or go to intensive care
go to the doctor it might be broken

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