I broke my toenail. I dont know what to do.?

I read that i need to cut my toenail off because right presently its broken but still attached to the other part of my toenail. It hurts like hell and i dont know what to do. If i cut it stale is there a way i can cover my toe so it looks approaching a nail. I love to wear slippers but i dont know what to do.
No offense but you are a fashion freak. Think about adjectives the people suffering in Africa of AIDS and populace getting shot and blown up for no reason in Afghanistan... nonetheless you worry about your toe staple and not wearing slippers?

Come on, get some common sense into your leader. If you cut your nail (although it might hurt) then it will grow put money on normally and will no longer pierce your skin.
Just cut off the module that is broken and hanging, consequently loosely wrap a bandaid around it to keep it clean and it will also stroke as a cushion. You don't really need to put any ointments on it because if there's any runny stuff oozing out from the injury, it needs a place to drain out to. Putting ointment on it will preserve all the watery stuff stuck inside. Don't put guaze on it cuz it can stick to the wound...that might hurt trying to remove it!

I know this because I've have a reoccuring ingrown toenail and one doctor removed my entire toenail and then when it grew back I saw a podiatrist and he removed the sides of my toenail and this is the route he told me to take care of it so it could restore to health. So it's basically the same for an injury. Just brand sure you keep it clean.
if you lately leave it it'll hurt and probably turn purple and the nail will plummet off on it's own i would suggest wrapping it in gauze when you wear shoes to avoid bumpy rubbing but cutting it off to the point where on earth the entire nail comes off and it bleeds could motivation infection
I don't know what you mean by 'still attached to the other part of my toenail' or 'it's broken.' You necessitate to be more specific to what you are describing.

If it's a hang nail, rip it or clip it sour, let your nail simply grow put money on.

If the whole nail is technically ripped bad, go to a doctor. They can bandage it up so it doesn't own an infection. Plus, it can cover up the embarrassment if you ask for a cute pink design in bandaging.
you should hold on to it wrapped up.
Amputate the foot!
no seriously

If you leave it alone ( as painful as that sounds )
it should grow and eventually alleviate itself

otherwise your gonna have to bleed a little by adjectives it off yourself
Just cut the nail sour from where it's broken and let try not to rumble it on anything.

If your too squeamish to do it yourself then go to foot Dr
( if they enjoy those kinda things )
cut it bad but beeee careful, if there is still subdivision of the nail left contained by could grow downwards and require surgery to remove it. so, cut it and if you see it start to grow down, make a appointment at a podiatrist and he can fix it. cheers (btw sorry about that, I bet it hurts, i drop a soda can on my big toe once and it splint the staple in 2!! so i feel your twinge =*( )
oh wow this happened to me motive I ran with my toenails too long and i looked down and saw blood coming through my shoe. Half of it be broken off and then when the other cog started growing, it was uneven and sort of raise. All this puss stuff was in it and I have to take the whole entry off. it really hurt but regrew in a few months. Good luck
Mine is too, 2 of them . CAll a doctor 4 give support to
If it has any jagged edges that may take in for questioning on something than I would smooth those down as best you can or put a band aide on it. I wouldn't cut it off. Just trim a bit bit at a time to even things up as it grows out.
Cut it down as close to the toe as you can, but some cute band-aids and wrap around until it stops hurting. It'll take a while to grow rear legs. If you feel self-concious while you're out, just wear a band-aid on it, but it does necessitate air!
Potatoes make a great substitute for toe nails.
my pinky toe nail broke off
but near was still a little bit
it grew support just fine.

about covering it up,
self say maybe .. dont really know.

simply buy some slip on shoes.
Stop being such a girl, suck it up and cut it. It'll grow spinal column eventually. Jeez. And people call me a drama queen.
It depends if your fastener is still attatched to the skin under your nail. If it is, don't rip it bad because that can damage the nail bed and build your new nail grow within weird. But, if it isn't, then I would recommend supportively cutting it off. If it hurts too much to do that afterwards don't bother, just bandage it and don't wear tight shoes for a while until it grows out. If you do cut it after it will heal faster and can be covered with a lint Source(s): Happened twice to me
Cut it off, it will grow back.
eat the peice that broke rotten
Suck it up. It will grow back
Cut it bad, let it grow back, wear slippers, not a soul will care.

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