Why Do I Wake Up With Cuts On Me?

I wake up with cuts on variable places in my body. I once woke up with two on my side, a few on the gone side of my right leg, and now I have few down my left leg. They're not extremely serious, but they are very red and wasted, every time there's some of them gone, more come about a week later someone give a hand me? I'm getting freaked out.
I get tiny cuts all the time when I sleep, because I am an extremely philosophical sleeper and move around a lot when I am asleep. Trim your nails and here you go. It also could be because your skin is dry and bleeds easier.
They are probably purely scratches because when you are sleeping, you probably scratch your legs and stuff. That's why they are red and move about away quickly + when you scratch, you can draw blood. Another article that could happen is that you sleepwalk and move even though you are asleep. If this happens next you are not in control and you might have dreams of adjectives yourself which you could be doing in your sleep which is dangerous.
Have you ever watched one of those image shows where the couple talks almost having a ghost within the house and the guy is constantly waking up with cuts? Maybe that's what is going on near you. Source(s): Or you are scratching yourself in your sleep or to yourself emo like the other people said.
There could be rats in your bed, piranhas, or even vampires. Most likely bed bugs, although they suck blood and dont cut into. If you have a cat that could be the root cause. If I be you I would thoroughly clean my sheets, if you have a puffy comforter (great hole for small things to scratch you, i.e. bugs and razor blades) I would consider replacing it. Also, as a precautionary detail, droop a few garlands of garlic around your bed.

Good Luck!
You might be scratch yourself. Maybe you have itches while you're sleeping at night. Try putting some lotion on your body past you go to sleep at night. The character of lotion that is supposed to cool itches and things like that would be even better than regular lotion. Try it! Source(s): Experience... ; )
some population tend to scratch themselves accidentally whilst they are sleeping. try wearing gloves or something when you are i guess?
its a presence for sure. i saw this episode on tv where people contained by this house kept getting cuts in their sleep, even the camera crew was attaked when they come to film and the camera man was getting such bleak scratches on his legs and abdomen!

it freaked me out!
if u have pets than thats the problem if u dont have pets next ur screwed cuz u have a ghost
Maybe you're subconsciously scratching yourself while sleeping or you have a cat. Or I don`t know you sleepwalk. Maybe a part of your bed is sharp and your body keeps touching it. Maybe the clothes you are wearing are sharp.

Consider one of these option. XD
You probably enjoy a ghost living in your home. Have you moved or done any remodeling contained by your home?
How's your fingernails? I was scratch the crap out of myself once. I couldn't figure out what it was. Come to find out, it be my fingernails that were too long.
Sleeping with razor blades again? Tssk.
Do you sleep alone? If not, next ask your bedpartner what's up. Or, do you sleep walk? Maybe you are getting into something in your sleep induced walk.
Maybe when you sleep there is an itchy spot and you scratch it surrounded by your sleep. Source(s): Sleep.
If you own a cat or dog or other pet, or sometimes even mice, you may get scratched in your sleep.
try wearing longer pant or shirts for pyjamas
What are you thinking here? Aliens? LOL... Anything can gash you and cause them. You could be scratching yourself, a sticky knot in a synthetic thread, Do you own a cat? Do you sleep alone? Do you wear jewelry? It could be anything. I get hold of weird little cuts too... I never question them because they could be from anything.
maybe theyve been near before. and since ur getting freaked u think itis within ur slleep. They dont appear right after u wake up. They probably appeared b4 but u just discern them.
How more or less putting a video camera in your room and tape yourself sleeping, after you'll see your sleep behavior. Another suggestion would be to wear some thin latex gloves for a few nights and see if the adjectives stops.
That's strange... you should probably check the nouns around your bed, see if maybe there's something sharp stuck under your sheets.
It's possible You ave a demonic spirit within your house. It wants you out.
or it's just playing sick games. Be wary, it could take over your body. I've seen this gentle of thing on the Discovery Channel, it's a show called "The Haunting".
If you've ever played near an Ouija board, you could have let an evil spirit within your life. Don't ever play with that hobby.
Just think about it. enjoy someone bless the house.
you could move around a lot contained by your sleep, and you might accidentally scratch yourself with your finger/toenails. don't verbs about it too much.
somebody comes contained by your room at night... Source(s): my lesbian cousin athena
Maybe you are scratching yourself next to your nails in your sleep? Or I don`t know you're sleep walking?
i wake up with cuts on me approaching three times a week and was told that im unaware but i would scrape myself in my sleep but how ? is the question
Do you hold anyone in ur family that hate you? Maybe they have held a grudge and getting back lol.
Maybe it has to do with the unexplained. Some kind of evil spirit or deity is cause you unhappiness and pain. Could be a poltergeist.
some people do things surrounded by their sleep.

my sister once ripped out her earring and didnt realize she did until she woke up.

or maybe your bed doesnt like you.
You may just own something hidden in or around your bed explicitly sharp enough to injure you. do you sleep wearing jewelry? If not, I would suggest seeing a doctor about it.
do you hit everything when your asleep?
i remember reading about things like this within psychology... These cuts are self inflicted during sleep, that is if you defenitley didn't have them up to that time you went to bed and just didn't spy...

It can be caused by a number of things; the most adjectives being the following:

1. You were simply lying contained by an odd way during your sleep for a long time of time putting these marks on your body or rolling about it ur sleep your skin have scratched off the matress.

2. Your body becomes discomfited on the mattress your are sleeping on, become itchy for instance, so your brain autmatically reacts in your sleep by scratch, damaging the skin, in that opening.

3. During a nightmare your brain struggles to differentiate sleep from conciousness and reacts in the authentic world to something going on in your sleep, for instance your getting chases by someone(the typical nightmare) and u get cornered, your body within the real world may automatically hold onto itself for protection out of confusion.

i hope this helps you have a handle on why this might be happening! :) Source(s): 1 year of psychology in elevated school, 1 year of psychology in university. :)

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