How to treat my jammed pinky?

well, i jammed it about a bit less then 2 hours ago. it swelled up without a doubt and the feeling is like a lil hot sensation and stuff the pinky is swollen however its not bruised. the bone hurts more at the top joint but its more swollen at the middle joint. is at hand anything i can do. i already iced it for 30 min whats next?
Pull it hindmost out
You need a finger splint on it and after you put that on your pinky, video your pinky to your ring finger...or the finger right next to it. You need to hold on to it straight and immobilized. No need to see the doctor for this because within really isn't much more you can do with broken fingers. Take some Ibuprofen over the course of a few days to get the inflammation down. Heat works better for an injury that is to say a few days old, so keep icing it for a afternoon and then switch to heat pack (it gets the swelling down). That's really all within is to do. For the Ibuprofen, take 2 pills 3-4 times a day.
Oh,. That sucks. OK here's what you do. You go out to your car, put the pinky within front of the open trunk door and have your best buddy slam the trunk door as tough as he possibly can.

Aw C'MON. Get over it. If you're really concered go see a doctor. I'd hate to see how you perform over a paper cut, geesh.
Keep icing the finger for 15 minute intervals. Make sure to use a cloth between the rime and finger, do not apply ice directly to your skin. Repeat this process until the swelling goes down (could be a full light of day or two). Keep the finger elevated.

Once swelling is down, try to move it. If its just generally sore, stop and allow it to heal. A split works best, or you can tape it to the ring finger. It could pinch weeks or months to heal fully. Avoid contact or sports. If you can barely move it and the backache is great, see a physician and get it x-rayed, you may have fractured it.

You can also purloin pain meds and anti inflamatory drugs for a few days to keep the distress and swelling down.
ok be in motion to a pharmacy and get a finger brace and wrap it up
time... you may have fractured it if it swells too much. might have need of an xray.

I just say this because the one and only time that I had a large swelling be when I broke my ankle on both sides of my right TIbia...
Otherwise, tape it to the other finger if it is still straight... and see if that works... usually they just bestow you a metal finger brace anyway.
see your doctor, it does seem pretty bad
go to the store close to a CVS or stop and shop or any store and buy a splint put it on your pinky and tape it then cassette ur pink to ur ring finger
this happened to me my pinky healed fine no doctor treatment if u want to later go to the doctor but its not neccesary
hope this helped!!
Yes, the following people are right. I enjoy a jammed pinky right now.
Just Leave it and it will hopefully heal.
omg i can tell your a girly girl or if your a boy you a woosy but it will hurt and it wont step away for about a month,, i jam mine every basketball practice,, but i achieve over it,, trying jamming all your top four fingers yeah ouch,, get over it
Put some uncooked egg yolk ( only the pale part )in a napkin, or sock, or a plastic bag, etc. Make sure to stir it next to a little bit of salt until that time. Put your pinkie or hand in it over dark. Believe me it will work.

Make sure you seal it before you stir to sleep so you won't wake up surprised!
you have to just give notice it alone. make sure you move it occasionally, because if it gets too stiff it will hurt longer. I've jammed manny a finger, and nil but time will heal it.
you should not touch it. Source(s): answer mine?;…
If you are in painful pain, see a doctor, but otherwise, don't touch it other than to rime it more. maybe u should tape it to the finger subsequent to it
You have done the right item to ice it. The first 24 hrs. The more you can ice it 15min of rime every 15-30 min.the better it will feel tomorrow. Icing stops the inflammation from bleeding into the tissues. I know this is a pain but it will construct a difference tomorrow. Use Tylenol for pain and tomorrow go ahead and use ibuprophen. I wouldn't use ibuprophen today because it also tend to make your clotting time longer and you don't want that. If this still hurts like the dickens tomorrow still use rime. After that you should be feeling a lot better. If not probably you should get an x-ray just to see if you enjoy a little fracture in your pinky. Not a big buy and sell though. They would splint it and you'd be good to go.

Sorry almost that finger. It really makes you aware that the smallest part of your body can really be a problem. We thieve fingers and toes for granted until we hurt them and it really hurts. Good luck, feel better soon. Source(s): Registered Nurse, Mom
theres not much you can do besides baby it so that you dont hurt it more and ice it. it a short time ago takes time.
Place it completely underwater in a bowl of cool hose down, raised higher than your heart. Like up on a table near you sitting in a chair beside it. This will relief the swelling to go down.
any put it in an ice bucket or walk to the doctor and get like this little make to put under it so you don't bent it at all :)
What are you in fact expecting to get by asking the general public nearly what to do with your jammed pinky ?

Some wonder drug you should go out and buy ?

No, you will simply get sarcastic, flippant comments.

Obviously, you should of late ice it, bandage it and if it's really sore, video it to the ring finger with a splint in between.
Go to urgent care after hours, they will treat it and recommend. Take care of your digits, you will need them
did you unjam it? it will be sore for awhile sorry
Just give it time and keep icing it.
stir to rite aid or another drug store, and get a "splint"
its a metal case which have foam padding on the inside. where that so you dont hit it again. rime it as often as you can till its normal... shift see a doctor if it gets worse
lots of vitamin c
put a splint on it and depart it on and depending on how bad it is it can take a long time to treat. it can get better in in the future if its not that bad or if its a sprain it can take months it adjectives depends
move about to the ER so they can take an xray and make sure you didnt break it
cartridge it to the finger next to it and stop being a cry babe-in-arms...its your pinky for gods sake.
c a doctor
Only time could make well it lol.
merely nothing lol
give it a few days and it will be fine

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