Can a toenail reattach itself?

About 2 weeks ago I got my big toenail caught on something and it pulled the nail up a bit it get purple underneath and was a little bit sore for 2 weeks. Then I be packing for a trip and pulled a bag over my foot. It pulled the nail stale but it was still attached at the base. It bled of late a little but it was really bedside light blood and some juice came out. It really didn't hurt. So I drove to the pharmacy and they told me to put a finger protector over it to aid hold down the nail to prevent infection until it fell off. So I put that on my toe and wrapped cartridge around it to keep it on. I kept it clean beside hydrogen peroxide at least once a day and put verbs tape on it. Today, just presently, I took it off to doctor it and the nail does not move up up. It's like it is reconnected. Should I be worried? It doesn't hurt and it doesn't look infected. What should I do? The only insurance I hold is medicaid.
Thats a naughty story man umm idk i think its okay but maybe you should progress to your local doctor and consult him im not doctor :p
Same thing happen to me so I did some research. The toe nail won't grow back, but don't verbs it off, just cut it short so that it doesn't bring caught in anything. Big toe nails can clutch anywhere from 1 year to 1.5 years to regrow. Like another answer said, watch out for redness or swelling and jump to the doctor if that happens, but otherwise stop the peroxide treatments so the open wound underneath the toe can close.
That happened to me once and the doctor said once a toenail detaches it never reattaches. They had to remove it. Your staple is probably stuck to drainage. If it were infected it would be red, swollen, and extremely painful. Look for those signs and be in motion to a doctor immediately if you see them. I would continue to wear the finger protector around the clock because it could win caught in the sheets and blankets. Get several finger protectors to make sure you other have a clean one and disinfect it three times a daytime with iodine(a lot stronger than peroxide) since you're not on antibiotics. If you're worried about discolortion at hand is a colorless iodine(it's called "decolorized").
If most of the nail came stale of the nail bed and was merely attached a tiny bit at the base, it most likely will not reattach itself. Sounds close to your toe is having drainage due to the injury and your nail have probably stuck to the drainage. I would avoid using hydrogen peroxide for a while because even though it cleans, it might affect the healing process that your body has to run through. Even though it might hurt, I would most definitely recommend you to take rotten the tape at night time. The cassette produces a moist environment that is not good for health-giving. Take off the tape at hours of darkness time and let your injury dry. Dont worry just about your nail. It drains, it heals and falls rotten. Your nail will grow back sooner or subsequently.

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