What do I do if I accidentally swallowed a.?

fake tongue ring?? It was plastic and around the size of a pea. I have absolutely no trouble breathing and it isn't stuck surrounded by my throat: it passed straight down through. Is it okay, or should i tell my 'rents and have them filch me to the ER? Like I said. i feel fine! thanks
If it's just plastic, don't worry. If it's captivating, then seek serve.
I'm sure you will be fine. My son swallowed a dime when he was in second order. When I asked him why, he said he didn't want to lose it because it was real silver. That have been about 36 years ago. Being concerned, we took him to the Dr. and he said it will miss through.
If you feel fine it should be okay.
It should be fine. I had to go to a institution nurse one time and a kid swallowed a bead about the size of a pea and he was fine. He simply had to make sure it come out sometime soon when he went to the bathroom. Good Luck :)
It should be fine. You cant choke or get harmed if swallow something the size of a pea. Theres pills out there that you enjoy to swollow thats even BIGGER then a pea:P. lol so if you feel okay, and nil bad happens consequently im 100% sure youll be fine.
you'll be okay a fake tongue ring is a about the size of a piece of corn and since we dont digest those fully any im sure youll see it in a couple days if you know what i mean
If its so small it will be ok!
Its probably just like swallowing gum or something :D
But if u dont surface well or something u should probably tell someone coz ur body might counter to the plastic Source(s): :D
dont worry about it.
gum is made of rubber and family swallow that all the time, not too much of a difference there. a short time ago dont worry about it, youll appendage up pooping it out anyways. it wont hurt you
It shouldn't be that much of a problem when I be little I used to eat rocks.
No problem with plastic I reflect on your stomach acids can digest it.
You might want to tell someone because it might go down your esophagus effortless but it may not pass that easy on the other extension.
u b fine
It ends up like corn or a sesame seed, which is a small piece attached to the great dookie log on it's opening out. You'll be fine.
You'll be fine. If you seize a sharp, persistent pain, you might want to progress to the doctor and mention what happened, but chances are nothings going to develop
if it has any magnetic stuff contained by it you need to say something to someone but if its of late plastic... you will be seeing it again soon in the toilet.
youll be fine.
my friend swallowed a button and a pen cap & she was fine.
the subsequent time she went to the restroom, it came out.
same will appear to you. no worries:]
you'll be fine don't stress it. unless you swallow something sharp you shouldn't worry but even if my niece swallowed a screw and shes still alive
***>&>*& -giggles- you're gonna poop it out likelihood are!! ^<>&&^*
It'll eventually closing up ykw.
if its only the size of a pea and its plastic you will probably just digest it similar to you would most food. but im no doctor.
You should be fine. It should come out the other end without a problem.
Don't even worry nearly it when I was eight i swallowed a marble and i was fine, you should see it intensely soon.
It'll probably pass out you know.. that end.
I swallowed a penny once and it come out shinny. :L:L
Reasons for doctors:
To make sure your going to be ok.
To net you better
To fix mistakes.

Reasons to not go to the doctors:
Poor Knolege of the human body.

Its up to you on what you should do. I just weigh the difference.
you'll merely likely poop it out in a few days.
I'd say you'll probably just endorse it next time you go to the bathroom.
I wouldn't verbs about it, it should come out in your feces.

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