How do i know if my legs broken?

I fell off a 12 foot ladder and my together led is bruised. i can barely put pressure on it and if i do a shooting niggle goes up my leg. its also the size of a watermelon. HELP!
go to the doctors or ER it sounds like its broken
ok don't put ANY pressure on it (don't try to walk), and get to an ER as soon as u can to procure it checked out. u can always try to put some ice on it to produce a bit of the swelling (and maybe some pain) go down but dont hand down the ice on for more then 5 minutes straight. and dont apply it directly to the skin...but seriously, it sounds resembling it might be broken, so ER.
hahahahahahaha plz hail as 911 and go to the hospital..some people Source(s): adjectives sence
probably broken, if its not you might have a fracture, and if you keep walking on it it could break, and take home it allot worst


oh and your LED is bruised lol
Go to the ER
Well you must enjoy hit your head also. Are you blond? Your symptoms sounds like you enjoy a bad ladder and a dent within the ground where you landed, am I right so far? Geez
Go to a Doctor?
well you wouldn't be capable of walk on it and it would be swollen, and you wouldn't be able to move it. Go acquire an x-ray done. also look up your symptoms on
if you cannot walk or move any of your legs, your legs are broken. time for a issue :(
jump to a gp (General practor(doctor)) yeah i know i just did that to sound intelegent
Seriously... why have you not gone to the emergency room or your Urgent Care facility? We can not assess a broken leg via internet. You inevitability an xray now.
oh my gosh. get ur aft to the doctors! oh man, u must be in pain!

:0 i hope you do grasp some help with that. please see someone.
Go to the doctor! If it's swelling, that's really impossible, you really need to get some medical facilitate.
Go to the ER!! it probably is broken, especially if it hurts to move it
Why are you wasting time on the computer? Why in the world are you asking such a common sense interview. Get off the computer and go to the ER!
Go to emergency room and catch x rays, only way to know for sure.
Can you walk? If you can't AT ALL, sorry, but they're broken.
if u can bend ur toes its not if u cant its broken my bro fell rotten a tree and he was bruised everywhere but it wasnt broken Source(s): my mom she's a nurse
Yep, you better go to the doctor right now.
Well, from the sound of your explanation, your leg is broken. You should probably go to the emergency room sometime soon.
if you cant move your toes than yes its broken
It's broke, walk to ER.
you wouldn't know how to walk if your legs were broken hun!
you leg could be broken or badly bruised. But the only means of access to tell is by an X-Ray. It is best to go to the doctor's department or ER ASAP! If it is broken you can worsen it by using it. Good Luck! Source(s): RN
Go, shift quick to the ER!
yep its broken, the swelling customarily tells you its broken, also if its purple that's usually a sign Source(s): R.N.
does it hurt?? if it does then drink urine it helped me wheni broke my leg. literaly
well,if it hurts than its broken :) sorry
ask your doctor man

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