Slammed my finger within the door....?

I just slamed my finger in the door and it kill really bad...right after i did that and looked at my finger red blood like spots appered surrounded by the skin..Is that normall and will it go away?
Blood Blisters, Lets hope you don't loose your fingernail.
I've had the exact same point happen to me this year. Yea u have sort of approaching a bruise it took about a month for mines to go away. It hurt me allooot so I dipped my finger surrounded by icy cold water. It hurt like hell but it'll help out u heal, if u also dmged the nail member, the nail will turn blackblue and fall stale eventually. But it grows back, took me about 3-4 months beforehand it all came wager on :) Source(s): My own poor tail :(
That is ordinary. One time my pinkie toe hit a desk and it bled. After a month the nail fell off.
Yeah it's really normal.
It will probably be swollen and purple for a bit while but it'll go back to majority within a few days to about a week and a partly.
Just put ice on it for 15 minutes. And continue to do that every 5-10 minutes or so for the swelling,
Can you move it? My mom did that ultimate year and it ended up crushed. She got red spots too. Maybe you should be in motion to the hospital or call your doctor. Source(s): My mom
yeah conventional. ist gonna hurt like a ***** but you'll be fine... if the blood is under the finger you may own to poke a small needle hole in the top of the staple to realease pressure... this may sound like it hurst but trust me it works!
probaly blood blisters, hold a ice pack on it and dont move it, if you are really worried seek medical comfort
Look I've slammed my finger, stubbed my toe, lalalalla. It's normal- as a matter of reality, I had a black finger nail only now. Run it in some freezing cold hose down and lift your hand up the entire morning.
its fine cool it (don't put the ice directly on-put a towl or somthin in between) so that it won't swell, u could hold it over hart height but its not really a serius injury so i don't think its neccesary
it will go away
some blood vesels a moment ago poped, don't worry Source(s): hapened to my sis
If you hold broken the nail and the area is blue and swollen afterwards the nail will most likely start to drop rotten. Source(s): I had one too.
Dude Wtf? Its called rime get some.
It will go eventually, run it below cold water. It's just it have started bleeding under the nail and you cant return with to it. It will go so don't panic!
watch it for for a time while put some ice on it. after a day if it is still close to that you should go see a doctor.
Yes that is normal it is bruising lower than skin. That is blood. You will prob get a blood blister
i like the question
I had that it's merely normal use ice pack to minister to it.
If get's worse go to doctors. Source(s): Hope it helps
yeah, you just bruised it pretty desperate. It'll go away after like a week or a couple of days Source(s): its happen to me before
Definitely it will go away with contained by few days.And dont take it too serious.
Yes, its run of the mill. The red blood spots is the bruising because of the pressure that the door hit your finger. It will likely turn into a callous (turn purplish and swell) but you can try dipping that finger within warm water.
You broke capillaries lower than your skin. I've had it happen previously. It falls off in a week. No worries :)
I regard as it's just blood sticking up right under the skin, sounds run of the mill, and i'm not sure. Good luck!
turn to the hospital, duh!
sounds like you ruptured a blood vessel...As long as you can move the finger and it doesn't turn black...You will be okay...You might just want an x-ray to be sure... Source(s): RN
no, cut it stale

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