How do I know if I broken my ankle/foot?

I really hurt my ankle on Sunday ( I heard/felt a snap when my foot turned on a rock while wearing high heel wedges). However, being chance prone, I am not sure whether or not its broken. It's still swollen but I can walk on it and its not tender. However, my pain threshold is highly developed and I have played volleyball with a broken finger for 2 weeks beforehand I went to the doctor. I don't bruise easily. I hold heard some myths that if the skin on the broken area is itchy or thaw, that is a tell-tale sign that its broken. Any hints? I just don't want to spend the money on an x-ray if I don't own to.
You need medical training and an x-ray apparatus to completely diagnose a broken ankle.

It could be a sprain, could be a break.

Here is how as a first-aider I differentiate between a break and a sprain, both have very adjectives symptoms and are often misdiagnosed by untrained people:

How did they get your hands on the injury? ....

Did it make a noise? If yes, a cracking clamour normally indicates a break, a tearing or a popping generally indicates a sprain.

What does the joint look like? Crooked and lumpy as resourcefully as swollen normally indicates a break, just swollen generally indicates a sprain.

Is there any numbness in the nouns? Numbness normally indicates a break, feeling typically indicates a sprain.

How bad is the pain? Severe discomfort normally indicates a break, less extreme discomfort, normally described as discomfort normally indicates a sprain.

Can they move the shared? No normally indicates a break, yes but painfully as a rule indicates a sprain.

Can they apply weight to the joint? No in general indicates a break, yes but painfully normally indicates a sprain.

Whilst the rule is mostly if you can walk on it, it's not broken, it's not always true, sometimes the break is so small and compressed that nation will walk around on them (myself included) just thinking it's a sprained ankle.

As a first-aider, I've have people refuse treatment for a broken ankle thinking they've of late got a sprain until I've sat them down and pointed out adjectives the reasons I think it's a break, even after they will fight with me and the paramedics over it. Many general public have walked around for days on broken ankles thinking it be just a sprain and they would survive.

BUT everyone breaks or sprains their ankle differently and the only true road to get a correct diagnosis is to see a doctor and get an X-Ray.

The best approach to be certain is to see a doctor. Waiting too long can result in more spasm and discomfort. For example, if the bone is broken and you wait too long, the doctor may have to re-break it to set it correctly.

DON'T drooping, I know it hurts to walk properly, but limping can cause a more uncomfortable secondary injury, which also makes treating the primary injury more awkward, put your foot as normally as possible, I know it's not completely possible and I know it hurts but in the long run it's better for your ankle.… will explain the R.I.C.E. method that firefighters use, it's one of the simplest ways to do it and works very well until you can get yourself to a doctor.

Again we can't help completely because we can't see you or your ankle, we can't move it and grain the problem, you need to see a doctor.

Go to your doctor.

You aren't wasting their time if it's just a sprain, misdiagnosis is adjectives in ankle injuries and causes several people to limp around on broken ankles for days. YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR.

(This is my response to every grill I answer about sprained/broken ankles, it is medically correct so my thumbs-down fairy know right now, I recycle answers if the question is identical) Source(s): A British Red Cross Registered first-aider and a trained L.I.V.E.S. first-responder
Well to be honest merely because it is swollen doesn't mean it is broke. Now it can be a heir smudge fracture with a class 3 sprain. In 2 weeks with a splint it can restore to health. But normally if it is broke you can tell and as a rule u can put weight on it. So I am guessing a heir queue fracture. But I am not a doctor so I will say if it still hurts like a ***** after a week or week within a half go to the doc.
Just fly over to the UK and you can have some x-rays for free on our NHS! :o)

To be honest, the only process you're going to know for certain if its broken is if you have the x-rays. If you can stroll on it and have a normal field of movement, then, by not having an x-ray, you could be ok. If however there's a break and it isn't correctly treated, this could own implications for the surrounding vasculature (blood flow around the area) and, if the break goes through a united (i.e. an intra-articular fracture) then this could have arthritic complications surrounded by later life.

In conclusion, if you truly chew over that you have broken your ankle, pay for the x-rays. Or fly to the UK and waddle into the first A&E eqiupped hospital you can find.

Good luck with the recovery :o) Source(s): Diagnostic Radiographer / Medical Imaging
A year ago my wife broke her ankle surrounded by two places. She walked [hobbled] for a day past I forced her to go in and enjoy it checked. After that she admitted it hurt so bad that she almost passed out a few times. Have it x-rayed even if you surmise it not broke. The bad side of it is it will bother you for a long, long time if it is broke. Don't mess around.
Alternate hot and cold compresses to curtail the swelling. If you feel a throbbing pain lay down and maintain you foot elevated above your heart. You could have a sprain which can take a long time to alleviate, even longer than a break sometimes. If the pain and swelling isn't better in a light of day or two get it checked out by a doctor. Source(s): Years of playing rugby and having multiple sprains
i'd think that if it be broken you would feel a piece of bone sticking out
Because you can walk on it, it probably is not broken. However you may enjoy a severe sprain and/or muscle pull! Best to see your MD as soon as possible!

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