Broken toe is heal but wont bend?

I broke my middle toe and the one next to the pinky about 5 weeks ago. They come across to be healed. They aren't swollen or bruised anymore and don't hurt when I walk on them. The one subsequent to my pinky is able to bend but the middle one won't go as far. Could it enjoy healed wrong? It looks normal, its straight. The doc said it could run up to 6 weeks to fully heal and last week the other toe wouldn't bend any but now it does. Should I just hang around it out another week or so? It doesn't really bother me I'm just concerned it might have heal wrong.
smash it with a hammer and everything will be ok
Your toe is fine. After your toe is healed, it takes almost two weeks for the shock to fully wear off. Your joins be broken, which means you can't fully feel what go on in the toe. Let it be for about 14 days.
A broken toe usually wont bend as well as before.
You should have gotten it re-set while it was still fully broken. It hurts, but it make the broken bone grow straight.
no it didn't heal wrong just do some exercises to help out get the cartlige that has built up around the bone broken down because thats what is cause the imobile movement
it will never be one and the same Source(s): my own broken toes
it may enjoy healed wrong, maybe a integrated or ligament healed awkwardly, but just lurk it out for another week or so, if it doesnt bend then go see a doctor almost it
you're gonna enjoy to break it again and let it heal the right course

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