Can I Take This Cast Off Yet?

About two weeks ago [March 19th], I broke my nevicular bone and had a pretty badly sprained ankle.

I'm almost 100% sure that the break is immediately healed. I can poke and prod it with categorically no pain, I can even move my foot around inside my cast minus it hurting. The sprain feels fine too, I can pop my ankle at will with no niggle.

The reason I want this damn thing stale is because its giving me SERIOUS heel pains when I walk. I used the crutches as the doctor directed, weened myself off of them, and presently I've been walking normally. But if I waddle for more than an hour straight, you'd think I was wearing heels for three years straight!

Do you deem that I could soak the stupid thing in wet and take it off, or should I lurk until April 23rd [scheduled date] and have it professionally taken off?
The doctor should remove the cast, not the paitent.
I am not a doctor so I can't afford you actual medical advice, but I can tell you going on for my experience. A similar thing happened to my knees and I did not listen to the doctor and started walking on it too soon (I was young and dumb). 10 years subsequently I still have the same knees injury because I did not allow it to heal. I would listen to your doc while you still have the adjectives!!
No. I'd ask your Doctor if it's bothering you. You should lurk at least 6 weeks. Source(s): I had broken leg.
You can remove the cast yourself. If you soak it within water it might make a big mess though. Garden shears work powerfully.

It's kinda like removing stitches. You CAN remove them yourself but people perceive better if a doctor does it.
You should report the agony to your doc. A good cast tech make sure the joint is properly extended before setting a stereotype on it. But removing the cast prematurely could leave you adjectives to a re-break.

You should not be walking that much (an hour) with a cast on. Sweating inside a style can cause the worst kind of tissue decomposition and eternal damage.

I was contained by a splint/cast and wheelchair for 2 months. I know what you mean - I was in the order of to lose my freakin mind because of being so limited surrounded by motion - no driving, and the staple sutures caught on the batting inside the cast. Miserable.
I would let the doc do it that appointment is 3 weeks away agree to them do there job it will be past its sell-by date soon enough I feel for ya though
yea u can they give u extra time for the bone to heal lately in case your a slow healer i broke my ankle slidding into second platform and i took off the cast three weeks precipitate...just dont do anything stupid and youll be fine bro Source(s): experience
dally until the 23rd. it may feel better but it takes nearly 6 to 8 weeks for a broken bone to heal.
follow what your doc say
yes start trouncing your foot off a door the important entity is you show your ankle whos boss
the problem is that it dosent hurt but the healing point the break is still soft so if you drop something on it or twist it it will rebreak later you might have to have surgiry bc it wont treat properly i would sugest leaving it Source(s): multiple broken bones and mother is a surgen tech
you should wait...
uummm wait
dr go to academy 4 like ever
and i thing they know what their conversation about
If the cast is bothering that much call your doctor to capture in earlier. If you remove the imprint too soon your bone may not be healed enough (strong enough) to near stand another bump. That would delay your healing another 6 weeks or so.

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