My anus won't stop bleeding...what should I do?

I was engaging contained by some activities of questionable circumstance with some individuals I met of Craigslist. We ended up having sex and very soon my anus won't stop bleeding. It's not gushing out or anything, but it's still blood.
prayer should help.
Don't miserable to sound like a mother, but why are you still at home... You stipulation to go to the ER.. The Anus is a very sensitive nouns, so If you are bleeding, that's not good..

It could mean masses things: Because I can only imagine adjectives the FUN that caused this, I think it's a broken blood vessel but to be on the protected side, you need to go to the ER. because Ulcers incentive Anus bleeding, Cancer, among many others...

Good Luck and Give you Anus time to rest before playing again
go to a doctor .. and bring back over emotional and tell him you're have a period ... see if you can get published surrounded by some medical journal haha
Sue Craigslist.

I can't believe some of the stupid questions people ask on here...
(rolling eyes)
Was it really indispensable to specify that you met the people on Craigslist?
...meeting general public off of Craigslist for a raucus night of sodomy and probably yule tide holiday fisting??'t u up for a Nobel Peace prize award?

Now your anus is exsanguinating on Chirstmas eve...first u live--then u swot and learn...
Go to emergency room...get your butt straightened out...and perchance make better choices to fill your social "roster",
Ha ha your an *** pirate. Source(s): Good luck cornholeyo
Well Craigslist doesn't seem to be a enormously safe place anyways.
Dont stick things up ur butt. Your butt hole if for dropping deuces not taking things in.

Maybe it basically stretched out and ripped or something.
If it is still doing it in a couple days go to the doc.
try some rubbing alcohol and after make an appointment with your doctor. you should unequivocally clean it out though. the events that occurred beside the people from Craig's list might hold cause lacerations surrounded by your anus. and that could cause infections or you could have caught a disease. i know it might be shameful to see your doctor but it could be very serious.
Ohhh man, that's doomed to failure. I bet you have butt AIDS. Craigslist people are the worst.

I'd push for you pour boiling bleach up your (a)$$ and pray. Really hard. And I said pray, not screw.
thats a REALLY bad sign, individuals have died this way, im not playing around. see a doctor asap.
i think you should lift videos and post them on YouTube

or maybe try to find on Live TV to get help.

well its probably that the anus was stretched to far and tolerate to a minor cut or wound. but it should be well in a couple of days. its of late like taking a huge dump. or something like that. But to be definite safe get ur *** to the doctor!
YOU SHOULD TAKE YOUR BUTT TO THE DOCTOR!! And stop doing stupid, nasty and most likely unsafe things near strangers you just met. ugh!
You should probably see a doctor. Don't be embarrassed to see one, their job is to aid people.
Abstain from anymore anal activity and travel to the doctor ASAP
budge to the doctor of course
I would see a doctor if I was you, better safe next sorry.
Take a shower and purify it with very serene soap and warm water. Then, after it's pat dry, apply some vaseline to calm the wound. I guarantee it will help!

Good luck and Happy Holidays!
Go to a doctor.
Were they really that big?
You deffinatly should move about see a doctor. 1) STD test since you didnt know theese people and get them off craigslist. 2) could be a ripped plac - hernis - or a sign of cancer.all of them should be a concern to see a doctor. If the rip be bad enough next bacteria will enter your blood stream and cause you to become septic and ultimalty the worse bag for that is can grasp very sick from bacteriemia (bacteria in the blood) Please dont hang around. If you dont have insurance any urgetn care or hospital should see you. Source(s): Med university
you should quit being a skank =)

possibley a infection Source(s): medical area

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