If I get stabbed beside a axe, what should I do?

Should I pull the knife out or would that be too risky? What happen if I did? I'm just wondering.
NEVER pull out the intention that stabbed you because you'll tear some of your muscle, skin etc. Go to the emerg.! or call an ambulance!

For presently, Apply firm pressure with some absorbent textile and do not keep taking it off to look at it. You may requirement to keep adding my leaky material, and if so put it on top of the others, dont give somebody a lift them away.
I've hear a lot of times that pulling it out is too dangerous.
If you verbs it out the bleeding has nothing to stop it, and you can overexploit a lot of nerves on the knife's way out.
Get to a hospital as in a flash as you can, is your best option and try to keep the axe from moving around.
i got sabbed 10 times and be clinically dead for a full minute i cant rember anything soo to answer your question you dont no what you would do your adrenaline would see in and people give somebody a lift it there own way. me i cant rember what happend to me i woke up surrounded by hospital
Apperently if the wound which the stick is in is bleeding badly it can sustain to push the knife in deeper despite the niggle you will face, simply because the knife will grow bigger as it comes to the fund but i dont know i only heard this on the word. But i would just remain calm give the name 991 or 999 immediately and it will also help to telephone call some friends. the more people that know the better!
walk out it in, and call 911.. depending on the wound location, u might not want to move. believe it or not, steve irwin would still be alive if he didnt verbs out the stingray barb.
if you have the choice evacuate it in, the pressure of the knife will slow the bleeding drastically, if it does receive pulled out make sure you put pressure on the area and, surrounded by both situations, get to a hospital ASAP, the goal is to keep hold of pressure on the area to slow the bleeding as much as possible
If you get stabbed with a knife, how are you competent to sit and type this question when you should be dialing 911?
DON'T pull it out, but put come disinfectant around the wound, and call 911 if you can. try to preserve the wound above the level of your heart, it'll slow the bleeding. Source(s): My grandmother is a retired ER doctor, and personal experience
Never pull the knife out ever. You can generate the wound worse. Just pack around the knife and call 911.
The 3 times I was stabbed in the Chest The party who Stabbed me Pulled the Knife out and Jacked off on the inside lining of my suit near his Unit in my blood.
Getting Stabbed is almost as cool as getting shot in the chest
Pull the knife and apply some pressure, and telephone call 911. You might bleed to death.
Call EMT to go to the ER because you don't want to pull it out or hit it contained by any kind of way.Could be incurable depends when your stab is.
verbs the knife out, cut ur chode off, put it contained by ur mouth, then slit ur throat.
Call 911 (Or what ever the emergency number you own in your area) and then apply pressure over the wound to stop the bleeding.
sometimes you can get stabbed through an artery.. if that happen, the knife is the only entry stopping a LOT of blood from rushing out of ur body and if you pull it out you will die
but you can't know whether or not that's the case, so you a moment ago call 911 and CHILL IN THE MEANTIME
Pulling it out could be very risky because it could cause internal bleeding to catch worse so just go to the hospital ASAP!
apply ice to the infected area, moved out loosy righty tight,don't twist the wrong way u don't want to mess up your organs,
Pull the knife out, wrap it with something, put together sure you put pressure for the bleeding, then go to the ER
don't pull it out the knife could be the one and only thing between you and bleeding to death you should maintain it in and go to a hospital or carry some trained person to take it out scrupulously...also depends on where it is...if it's in your stomach i read out leave it...if it's in your foot you could filch it out...idk did you actually get stabbed? ow
Do not nick the knife out. It can cause alot of blood lose, and you should definetly run to the hospital to get stitched up
it really depends on where on earth you got stabbed..in some cases yes..but contained by some cases no.
what you should really focus on is NOT getting stabbed in the first place.

be safe
if you can handle the headache of pulling it out,
otherwise no, call a police. Source(s): common sensee
don't touch it! newly call 911 as fast as you can and tolerate them instruct you faurther.
If you got stabbed near a knife you would be most likely to die. Source(s): a doctor
you should not pull the blade out. when still inside your body, it is helping clot the blood and stopping the bleed. removing it would cause more damage to the surrounding tissue and possibly organs. walk off it in! they will remove it at the hospital.
interesting question. lol Source(s): i'm an emt student
well i guess if you pulled it out blood would a short time ago start gushing out a lot more than be4 but im not sure of that.. and i think you should ring 911
holly crap... shift to the hospital but get a paper towel first and put it over the wound and make a contribution it pressure it should stop the bleeding! And pull it out very kindly
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't pull it out omg no, stabilize it beside a clean bandage and find your *** to the ER
Pull it out then shove it back surrounded by for being a retard.
well, move about to a hospital. and u shouldnt pull it out. it releases more blood wich = quicker and more painful departure!
GET HELP! Somehow. And don't move too much, or else you might worsen the wound. Call 911.

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