Is it typical that my fingers , are black and blue , following breaking my wrist ? ?

the doctors set my wrist yesterday , and my knuckles on my hand are black and blue , is that normal ?
its might be normal, because maybe it is bruised or the the blood isn't circulating, you should manufacture an appointment with the doctor, better be safe afterwards sorry!
yes, usually due to bruising when you broke it put ice. And see what happen also try to move your fingers.
If this doesn't go in a few days give the name the doctor. Source(s): Biology Student
Yes, it's average.
Yes, its normal. It's the old blood collecting contained by your fingers. I had the same repercussion when I broke my ankle. My toes turned black. I freaked out. It will fade in a few weeks.
Give it a little time and if it still doesn't change, see a doctor.
go to the docter and see if they can loosen your cast, it might be to tight.
it is bleeding under the skin from the break. It will turn interesting colors and consequently fade.

Yeah, that's probably not the best thing. You should have that checked out. That's not other
Bruising surrounded by the hand after a wrist fracture is normal--all the blood that leaked out of the broken bones have to go somewhere. Elevation & ice will comfort. What is NOT normal, and will signal too tight a cast is increasing headache, pain with movement of fingers, numbness within fingers, nail beds turning sickly or bluish and not pink with a gentle squeeze, dim or bluish fingers (not the bruise color). The swelling in your wrist continues for up to 72 hours. This is the critical time when a cast can become too tight. If you are unsure if you are middle-of-the-road or not, then you can get it checked. They should ahve given you a "strike sheet" in your aftercare. Source(s): ER PA
you should contact the doctor,

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