Ways to heal/hide cut wrists?

I'm not emo or a cutter and I'm never doing it again, I was just really upset and experimenting. I'm not going put a bet on to the old me, I'm an Ex Cutter and I was such a ****** ending year.

I can wear long sleeves in my normal classes, but within Gym (last hour) I have to change out and wear short sleeves.

Today and yesterday I scribbled adjectives over my wrists/arms in marker so it's smaller quantity noticable. Today, my friend Trina noticed. Oh sh*t. Then I explained to her that I didn't want to be like the frail me, the fat ****** with no existence. LOL. So someone was walking by us and they're like "what" and Trina said "She doesn't want to be emo."

And yeah...
I can't wear wristbands within gym because it'll be too obvious.
I need some variety of way to cover the cuts up, or to heal them.

I can't whip a picture of the cuts, but here's a description:
The cuts are not deep, they are average. The kind you acquire when you quickly cut with scissors.
Kind of similar to this: http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r55/G…
by the way, that is NOT me. I can't bring a picture of my wrists or my mom will freak. I just looked on photobucket for someone's cuts who loooked similiar to mine. Mine are higher up my wrist though.

So... if you can please relay me any ways to cover up my wrists when forced to wear short sleeves(not with makeup or wristbands.), or any ways to heal them swiftly, you totally get best answer

Thanks (((:!
You can try some brand up, as crazy as that sounds. Apply some foundation, and then powder. Or you could wear tons of pretty bracelets.
First rotten, you shouldn't cut but I am sure you already know that since you used to cut.

Put make-up on your wrists though. If they aren't that deep consequently some blush or cover up or whatever should cover it up. It might look like scar but shouldn't be that noticable. Source(s): My best friend was a cutter and that's what she did because she didn't like wearing long sleeves.
works for me
I used to do this... almost out of the habit.

jacket? bracelets?

my friend actually made a wrist fastening and wore it on her wrist.

I used a lighter and lit it, putting it near my cuts, it helped the uplifting process, i don't have much of scars, only faint lines that are almost all gone.
big bangles?
Well it's pretty hard minus make-up..but when i used to cut i would just cover them up beside mineral fondation and they were'nt noticable at all.
try some concealer individual a girl it'll be fairly easy to find and apply some :D and you're not a ****** for adjectives hun, it's a release that some people have developed, to relieve stop try and pin point the trigger that causes your feeling the need to cut, and try and replace it with an activity, ( i run or workout, or meditate ). or when you perceive the need try to talk almost the problem to someone close =D. and again your not a bad person for adjectives, just there are better ways to business ;)
if your parents know, laser surgery. If not coco butter will be the best you can get
The best thing you can do is a moment ago accept that you have cut wrists and verbs.
Vitamin E cream at night will fade your scar. Unless you want to go with tattoos, you're stuck beside body make-up
Say they're cat scratches? Otherwise, minus make up or wristbands your kinda screwed.
im not sure but i would just read out your cat scrathched you or make up a story if someone else asks
well first just disinfect them lol
and it be for experimenting
what i did was just put some makeup on it, and wear 3/4 sleeve shirts(since yours are difficult and so were mine) and you can just cross your arms, and if anybody asks simply say that you were holding your cat or somebody elses cat and they scratched you

[: goodluckk
put band aids on them..
itll lately look like you accidently cut yourself.. i mean who is going to know the truth.
Try wearing watches beside thick wristband. preferably black. no bright or light colors. also neosoporin is a type balm to heal cuts but im not sure it'll cover. Also if you go to any pharmacyacy store they get rid of ointments that help make well scars and reduce the look of scar for a low cost.
To darken your cut wrists, wear wrist bands, but more importantly let me recount you how heal them:
Allow the Love of Jesus to comfort you when you are lonely, sad, foolish, depressed, oppressed, weighed down, used and abused.

Sound too simple? Well Jesus Is Simply Here for YOU if you call out to Him. He IS the Healer of adjectives that ails you at every turn and twist of life.
Use neosporin while it's still raw, afterwards after it heals some use mederma or any other scar-eliminating lotions. You can hide it next to your favorite bracelets or cuffs.

If you absolutely can't wear bracelets or cuffs, try using liquid wrapping, then putting make up over it when it dries.

Glad you fixed to stop that bad habit! Kudos ^-^
ok, I think the only prospect here is a fake tan, or a sunless suntan - will cover the scars and can be worn all the time, doesn't com sour even with intense rubbing. try some spray or mousse like ambre solaire. in recent times don't use the one that can be washed off - i connote, like a make up. you want the one that colors your skin deeply, for 3-4 days

why not wristbands? they're in cult and I wear them without any cuts... so think around it. they can be really good-looking. find different ones, bright colors and everybody will think you lately want to be beautiful. really, it's an option.

another one is getting and short-term tattoo... on both wrists... no likely to be unnoticed. unless they're matching. henna, may be. or use iodine to draw them

you can also wear really gorgeous bracelets when not doing sports.
Start listening to positive music.

Christian Metal is a polite start.
Your story is too long and boring to read, so I don`t know you should quit feeling sorry for yourself and quit doing it b/c honestly in this sunshine and age the only people who are going to diligence are your parents and teachers.
can i
EMO! lol jk

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