I got a piece of metal stuck in my finger. Debating what I should do?

I was working on a car today. My brother and I be trying to separate two parts. A piece of metal shot off, it is very small. It become lodged inside my finger, on the outer part of the middle section of my right index. I didn't even know until after that when I got curious and checked with a magnet. It pulls beside a magnet but it doesn't move. I was wondering if I could leave it within there, it is a piece of stainless steel. I'm kinda nervous and debating if I should try to grasp it out myself (got no insurance). So if anyone has any ideas, please tolerate me know! Thanks
don't panic !

the skin will know this is a foreign body within surrounded by and so will be building up its defenses to remove it. hey you have one on me im a nurse and never thought of a magnet!!

like a wooden splinter you can walk at it with a pin! however i would recommend soaking your finger for 15 Min's in awfully soapy hot water (as hot as you can stand) to kill rotten infection. wrap a plaster around it for a few days, you will find it will get more painful, this is only just the puss building up and shifting it out of your skin. give it a few days and it will remove itself or you will be able to squeeze it out and verbs it out with tweezers,

and stop picking at it now!!! you will with the sole purpose make it sore! it will come out when its good and primed!
Its a tough perdicament im not sure if stainless steel is harmful but leaving it in attendance causes a chance for it to turn into the blood stream which could really mess you up and teh no insurance causes some trouble it is painful but my best suggestion i know it sounds unusual but grab a pair of staple clippers start clipping skin small at a time or knife its gonna be painful but could really oblige but in all honesty try to draw from it out its not worth taking a chance of it goin into your blood stream

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