Why does my wrist pop everytime i move it?

its my left wrist..every time i move it it pops! i have sprained it twice back does that have anything to do with it?
Likely tendons snapping over bone,.. and/or cavitation contained by the joint spaces. (Popping noises.. close to when you pop your knuckles).

It might be a combination of both.

I have so many joint that pop.. Three or four section of my spine pop often (sometimes beside deep breaths),.. my shoulder girdle will pop when I shrug it, particularly within the morning, knee's , ankles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Generally nothing is painful, and is usually a sign of nil dangerous. Just as I said, either cavitation resulting contained by gas release, or tendons snapping across bones creating the 'pop' effect.

Sometimes tight muscles and or tendons create this effect, and can be resolved with proper stretching and possible rebalancing of the muscles in the nouns -- But the general rule is if it doesn't hurt, then it is typical.
mine does it too but ive never sprained or broken mine before i think it majority

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