Nose cauterization scab?

I had my nose cauterized a few days ago because of excessive nosebleeds. A severely large scab has formed, which I know would happen, but it makes it intensely hard to breathe and feels mortified. Today I tried to remove some of it, thinking that since it had a few days to heal it would be ok, but it started to bleed a bit and then stopped - nothing highest, but annoying all the same. Now I'm worried that I may own reopened the blood vessel by messing with the scab. Do I just obligation to leave my nose alone for for a time longer and it'll be ok?
Kim, leave it alone until it detaches all by itself. This could rob weeks. Yes, it's hard to breathe with the scab blocking nouns flow, but 'helping' it off pretty much guarantees you'll reinjure the blood vessels the cauterization hermetic.

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