Talus bone fracture?

Last year i broke my talus bone and three of my metatarsals, apparently it all healed resourcefully so why recently does my ankle give path almost causing me to fall over? I 've also get a dull ache most of the time and sometimes a sudden overwhelming pain shoots through my undamaged foot, its really getting me down.
Sounds to me you may off also damaged your ligaments what run through your ankle.If any ligament is worn out you will have problems with walking,set off etc.I have seen this problem alot where on earth the fracture healed but the surgeons or consultants didnt even think nearly checking if te ligaments were still in tact.So i would move about and see your gp and see what he says,he should refer you bck to the same consultant,and hopefully find this problem sorted out.Good Luck Source(s): orthopaedic plaster technician nhs uk
You were probably compensating for the broken bones by walking differently. That put a great deal of stress on a different part of your foot that's not used to one moved and used that way. You may have mark tissue in there from the breaks and very soon that you can walk normally, it's also pulling and that will hurt approaching hell. It will get better. Try soaking your foot every evening in a bucket of reheat Epsom salts. When it gets nice and thaw, point your toes as far as you can and rotate your whole foot clockwise. do that about 10-15 times and reverse it. I promise to be precise going to strengthen everything in there and it will take better. I broke my ankle and 4 metatarsals 10 years ago. I know this works.
Did you have physical therapy after the fractures heal? During a period of inactivity or immobilization, your joint will loose mobility and soft tissue (muscles, tendons, fasica) will tighten, restricting the overall mobility of your foot and ankle. Muscles also atrophy and weaken during a period of disinterest, and you loose your sense of proprioception (balance), which may be causing your ankle to give path.

A physical therapist will mobilize the joints and soft tissue around the foot and ankle. They can use encyclopaedia therapy and modalities to decrease cramp. They will also teach you proper exercises to improve your flexibility, strength, and proprioception.

If you didn't hold physical therapy, I suggest you talk to your doctor going on for it. Depending on where you live, you may need a prescription and/or referral. If you did enjoy physical therapy, you may need more. Find a PT that specializes within foot and ankle problems (if not, try to find a PT who is an OCS - Orthopedic Clinical Specialist). If PT doesn't help, you may need a repeat XRAY or MRI to find out what is wrong.

To find an orthopedic MD who specializes within foot and ankle, use a locator here: http://www.aofas.org/custom/directory/?p…
To find a PT who is an OCS, use a locator here: http://www.apta.org/AM/Template.cfm?Sect… Source(s): Physical therapist.
It might have come back suitable but that doesnt mean it wont cause problems. Go to he doctor and convey him\her. it might just be weak, you might enjoy sprained or ripped a muscle and maybe it didnt heal completely and requests to be looked at again.
Good luck
even tho the bones have healed, the ligaments and tendons that run and attach thru the ankle bones to the foot bones may enjoy been damaged. i turned my ankle out contained by a pair of tall shoes and it stress fractured the ending metatarsal bone because that is where the muscle attaches to that particular bone. it was a simple fracture but it be swollen and bruised and took 4-6 weeks to heal. to this day i still own dull aches in the foot when the weather is discouraging and can have sharp pains from overuse. it's healed because it's be 8 years but i can still tell it is weaken because the ligaments and tendons be stretched at the time of the injury. Source(s): nurse for 17 years
That is a bad bone to break, if it was due to a fall down, or crushing injury, then I would expect it may heal up next to a degree of arthritis. Another condition that comes to mind is something called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. This is a condition where on earth the nerve gets pinched as it pass by that area of the foot. Sorta like carpal tunnel of the foot. See an Podiatrist or Orthopedic Foot MD.

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