I smashed my finger surrounded by the motor door two days ago. Door fully closed and latched. Still Swollen. BROKEN??

My finger was smashed in the coup¨¦ door two days ago. The door fully latched with my finger inside. Extremely painful and be immediately swollen with blue color. It be twitching for a few hours also. Color has gone away, but still somewhat swollen. I Can move it, but still hurts to the touch or bending/grabbing items. It was between the top and bottom knuckles. Anyone imagine this will go away or is a doctors trip necessary
The solitary way to treat this is to smash it again.then step on it...next burn it.then bite it.....No im kidding its broke.
guess your American by the agency to spell color-- if you can't afford the hospital strap the finger to the next one with sticky video, that's all the hospital will do anyway if its broke, leave resembling that for three or four weeks.-- geez I'l bet that hurt :o(
I locked my thumb in the car door as a kid. It hurt resembling hell and I could not open the door to get it out. I scream like a banshi.
Anyway, the nail poped bad and it heald. It doesnt look normal after 20 years, but it is ok. The doc cant do much for you unless you think you broke the finger, within which case it wil have to be set. I have a feeling for you.
travel to the doc!
I had the same entity happen to me about 15 years ago!
Luckily, mine wasn't broken (I would gain yours checked, though as it sounds like it might be) but even now if I use the finger to press down on something, close to the back of a knife when adjectives hard cheese, it still swells up and looks bruised for a day or two. I suggest I must have permanently dog-eared a blood vessel.
If your finger is broken, they'll only tape it to the subsequent one to keep it immobile, but maybe you should progress to your doctor or A&E dept.
Probably will be fine, but keep hold of it on ice (15 min on, 15 min off). AND GET TO THE DOCTOR!!
You should get it checked out by a doctor. But I have my fingers smashed in a car door when I be 4 and they were very sore for give or take a few a week then they got better. By the process my mom shut the car door not knowing I had reach in to get my snuggly blanket.
you could have smashed ligaments which will alleviate short and you will have a permanently bent finger, it should be see and x-rayed, if its broken they will strap it up properly for you and with any luck the ligaments will heal properly, run to your local A&E, they can do all that in of late one visit.
ok i hold to say owwww on your behalf and say that you are a fundamentally good typer! how long did it take you to type this grill? you couldve been at the doctors probobly...:)

sorry i had to lol
it could be do to the docter theyll check it out or ur hand could be really damaged
OOh, very painful.
My daughter did that to herself a few years fund.
It wasn't broken, but the nail bed was shabby, and she lost the nail eventually.
Because it bled a lot, she needed to own it dressed every day for two weeks.
Even if yours has not bled, you may call for to have it x rayed to be sure that no serious damage have been done. It's not now, but contained by years to come that you may regret not taking care of it.
Makes me feel dizzy, and it's not my finger. Go to A & E Dept. at your local hospital.
if you have Insurance...go to the ER..
if you don't..Put a splint on it, it will eventually treat...it might heal crooked, but it will heal.
Possibly broken - the only way to know for sure is to travel to the doctor. Until you see him, put some ice on it.
Wow bet that hurt babe, bet you dont do it again. I would lately nip to the hospital and have it x rayed, you could have fractured a bone nearby. If you have they will just splint it babe. Ouch I quality for you.
Ouch, shame man, must enjoy been sooo sore. I hope nobody asked you ,"Did it hurt". If you can bend your finger it should be fine, but don't take my word for it to some extent have it checked out. Don't it just irritate you when someone ask you if it hurts when you enjoy just banged your freezing toe against wood or something:)) Hope your finger get better soon, i feel so sorry for you. Take care and worthy luck :)
I did that, but you probably enjoy a blood blister inside that needs to be drained, go to the doctor, they enjoy things they use to do this, you won't believe how much better you will feel. It doesn't usually go away on it's own and you could lose your fastener.
Oh, it's broken, alright. You NEED to go to the doc and get it X rayed. You may own bone chips, torn ligaments that will need surgery, etc. You need to procure it fixed right or it might never work right again. Just go to the doc and deal beside it.
How funny, this happend to me a few days ago almost just close to your story, but not that severe. If you can bend your finger at both knuckles, then it should not be broken. The swelling and pain is a concern. Probably should hold that checked.
Bypass the docs and go straight to A&E

Good luck
I would suggest it's not broken but you may have bruised the bone. My mum (76) got hers trapped ultimate summer. She didn't break hers either.
Needless to say, it doesn't business how tough you want to appear, the wise thing would be to receive it checked over at the A&E. (the doc would send you there anyway, so cut out the middle man.
Let me put it this way:

patient -- Doctor, Doctor I shut my finger within a car door!

doctor -- Ah, yes. The nurse found it in the corridor. Would you similar to it pickled to take home?

there may be bone, tissue, resolve or ligament damage or even all of them.
You necessitate treatment!

omg, be in motion to the doctor NOW!
doctors trip is necessary...i'm almost positive it's broken...the doctor will need to x streak it and make sure everything..including blood flow is still intact...go see your primary protection doctor..or the ER if you want to go there.. Source(s): doctor
It might be worth a trip to the local hospital a moment ago to get it checked. However even if it is broken the most they will do is splint it to the finger next to it. I would gain it looked at tho just to be sure that a break is the worst that has happen.
I wish you well soon
Bloody hell - get to the doctors. Or even casualty. Could slickly be broken.

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